[Yushanfang] Gold Design Tea Gift Box (Oriental Beauty Tea x 2 in)


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    Name: Yushanfang Royal Tea Gift Box Contents: Tough Selection of Oriental Beauty (40g) x2 Cans Net weight: 80g Oriental
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    **"Product specification"**
    Name: Yushanfang Royal Tea Gift Box
    Contents: Tough Selection of Oriental Beauty (40g) x2 Cans
    Net weight: 80g

    Oriental Beauty Introduction
    Contents: Hand picking oolong tea leaves
    Place of Origin: Emei Tea Region, Hsinchu County
    Tea tree varieties: Qing Xin Oolong
    Aroma taste: honey floral
    Baking degree: none
    Fermentation degree: re-fermentation 80~90%

    **"Oriental Beauty Tea Tea Product Introduction"**

    Just like stunning beauty in the crystal cup gracefully dancing, the British Queen praised the name: Oriental beauty.

    The Oriental Beauty was produced in Taoyuan, Hsinchu, and Miaoli in the northern part of Taiwan. It is also where the Hakka crowd gathers. The source is a tea industry where a tea farmer will be bitten by small green leaves, re-emergence, and re-fermentation. Unexpectedly, it will not be able to make a unique oriental beauty tea as an oolong tea. This kind of production method also allows the oriental beauty to have stomach and soothe the nerves, and it is no problem to drink it all day. The earliest founder of this method of making tea and everyone showed off its taste and how good it was to be laughed by his peers that he was bragging, so the original name of this tea was “Expanded Tea”, also known as “Baihao Oolong”. There are also the names that are pronounced in Taiwanese, such as "Tao Tsai Tea," "Ao Zi Tea," and "Sai Ci Cha." Until Taiwan’s tea was spread to the West, the British merchants dedicated their products to the royal family and were named after the Queen’s strong appreciation.

    Oriental Beauty Tea from Yushanfang is produced in the tea region of Taiwan's Hsinchu County. Oriental beauty tea produced in Taiwan is the most prestigious. Every year around the Dragon Boat Festival, the green leafhoppers of the tea region are very densely populated, and small green leafhoppers suck the juice of the tea leaves. The tea tree's self-defense system is activated and immediately emits a strong floral or honey aroma to lure small wasps, red spiders, etc. to come to eat small green leafhoppers to protect their tea bud juice from sucking, and The ability to heal itself leads to an increase in the activity of "tea polyphenols" in the leaves and an increase in the content of "tea tannins", together with the saliva of small green leafhoppers remaining on tea leaves that have been bitten, and then fermented to make them Tea produces a unique honey aroma. Oriental beauty tea is amber, with a natural honey and ripe fruit aroma, unique honey with a floral fragrance, bright tea lovable, this tea is the best representative of Taiwan's early Oolong tea. The Oriental beauty needs to be bitten by a small green leaf before it can be produced. Therefore, during the growth of the tea tree, pesticides should not be sprayed at all. It is a 100% natural ecological tea, and only fresh buds are taken when picking and only 4 kg of tender shoots can be produced. 1 kg of finished product is extremely precious. With little harvested, organic and sweet honey, Oriental Beauty Tea is not only welcomed in Taiwan, but is also loved by the Chinese mainland, Japan, and the world of tea. Oriental Beauty Tea is not the same as bag seed and Oolong Tea's "One Heart and Two Leaves." It usually begins to harvest within 7 days of germination. Tea leaves only one heart or one leaf, so the harvest is very small; a tea farmer can only harvest about one day. 1 to 1.5 pounds of tea can be said to have very little output. In addition to the difficulty in harvesting, good-tasting Oriental Beauty Tea needs insect bites to exude natural sweetness. This sweet aroma is said to be like ripe fruit, and some people think that it looks like honey and it's very sweet. In order to increase the chance of insect bites, Oriental Beauty Tea does not sprinkle pesticides, but also creates an environment suitable for the growth of insects to allow the insects to flourish and enhance the quality of tea. If consumers are worried about pesticides in tea, the organic and natural oriental beauty tea party is a good choice.


    **"Quality certification"**
    Passed 368 tests of international SGS pesticide residues
    Tea Factory Passes ISO22000 International Food Safety Certification

    **"brand introduction"**

    ~~ Origin ~~
    "Tea has dispelled my bitterness; it has brought joy to the seriousness; how much happiness this drink has brought us; it has increased our wisdom and cheers." The British poet Dati was once in a poem. Warmly praise Chinese tea.

    Over the years, we have traveled all over the world, sipping tea from all over the country, from British breakfast black tea to Japanese-style green tea. The most unforgettable thing in our heart is still the homely and affectionate flavor of Taiwan. When drinking Taiwan’s alpine tea, from the rich and tender bitterness of the entrance, to the sweet and aromatic aroma after the entrance into the throat, this wonderful experience is the unique taste that Taiwan Tea has brought to us. It was also founded by Yushan Square. Opportunity. A group of people who love tea, hoping to allow more people to enjoy such a move, have such a enjoyment.

    As a result, Aicha people became tour guides in the tea gardens. They spent many years traveling to large and small tea gardens in Taiwan's mountains and counties, and they shared their experiences with each other. They only sought out the deepest of the hearts and buried in the mountains. Mountain tea. Listening to the tea farmers who said how to carefully protect their own children's tea trees, their persistence in the land and environmental protection, how much love and sweat, and how much persistence and workmanship are necessary to irrigate such a tea garden full of hopes. It turns into a bowl and a bowl of delicious tea.

    The heart of tea, the heart of the earth, the heart of the age, the heart of tea, the heart of thanksgiving... The mountain tea hidden in the mountain forests of Taiwan not only brings us a deeper and more real experience, but also sublimates the world of Taiwan. There is also every piece of memory that belongs to the tea farmers.

    All efforts are worthwhile. Good things are also worth sharing with the world. In this way, from the search for a cup of good tea, the door to the "Yumsanfang" is opened. The "Mountain House" wants to make this move and persistence to the people in search of a cup. Good tea, a good taste for your own.

    ~~ Spirit ~~
    Regarding the value of tea, Yushan Square has always wanted to create a leading tea brand that can represent Taiwan and symbolize irreplaceable.

    Tea, along with history, leans against the earth and walks through countless space and time. Tea not only narrows the distance between man and heaven and between man and man, but also makes the exchange of self-mindness more harmonious and enjoyable. How lucky we are to grow in Taiwan with unique alpine tea.

    Therefore, "Yushanfang" takes the "Taishan" spirit of Taiwan and the word "royal" to represent us. The original meaning of the ancient monarchy, the “royal” symbolizing the noble status combined with the “yushan” of Taiwan’s first peak, rising from the flat ground in a limited area, the towering but not cold, and the fertility To enrich the ecological landscape is like the people on Taiwan’s land. It embraces ethnic culture and welcomes foreign visitors. Just like the "Yushanfang", it is not afraid of hard work and trouble not to destroy the ecology. It must also carefully select the good qualities of the mountains and share it with tea people around the world.

    The original intention of Yushanfang stems from a very simple idea: "Look for Taiwan's good tea for yourself." Therefore, for many years, we have consistently adhered to this philosophy from the origin of tea, tea garden management, quality testing, brand planning, visual design and packaging design to every step of Yushan Square and every cup of tea in Yushan Square. Without endless enthusiasm for tea, we could not travel over more than 15,000 hectares of tea gardens; if it were not for the cherishing and respect of the land, we would not be able to present healthy and full-grown tea planted with natural agriculture laws; If we can convey the preciousness of the tea heart and the most sincere heart of Yushanfang, we awaken from the myth of science and technology, let go of the idea of utilitarianism, and rely on the touch of aroma, taste, and hand to pick the original leaves and make traditional tea. And hand-packed to allow tea to restore its relationship with the humanities, but also to balance our ideas to the pro.

    We have established long-term partnerships with local tea growers in mountain tea regions to work together for good tea and to practice the meaning of good tea, not only to take responsibility for the safety of tea lovers. Contains the heritage of promoting Taiwanese tea history tradition, which allows a moving story of tea people. With a cup of tea, it reaches the hearts of every taster, and it aims to make Taiwan's good products reach the international level. No matter where we are, we are accompanied by Taiwan’s Yu Shan Fang and can enjoy the good taste of our hometown with peace of mind.

    ~~ Quality Assurance ~~
    The day that we began to leave footprints in the tea plantation and see the small green leafhoppers on the tea buds really fascinated us. The tea grower said don't underestimate it, but it is a big hero of honey tea! Suddenly attracted by this beautiful mistake, Suddenly realized that tea is also a work of art. It fully demonstrates nature's works. We should let the tea tree return to its nature. If it is because of chemical pollution, it will damage the longevity and self-cultivation of tea. What is the significance?

    As a result, in the blink of an eye in five or six years, we have selected mountain tea gardens that meet the highest standards of safety in terms of soil, water quality, and tea garden management in accordance with natural agriculture laws and regulations. We have become our exclusive tea plantations and carry out routine inspections on a batch basis. Tea has passed 368 pesticide residue tests of SGS international inspection agencies to meet world-class safety standards to ensure the safety and health of consumers. At the same time, we are also grateful to Taiwan's health units for the 368 highest pesticide residue testing standards, which have enabled Yushanfang tea to surpass Japan’s safety standards and become a world-class safe and essential tea.

    Drinking tea is a way of life and attitude for Yushanfang. When we think clearly about the right thing, we must insist on it. This is not only the idea of treating good tea, but also the yearning for returning to pure.

    ~~ Quality Certification ~~
    The requirements of Yushanfang for tea quality are based on the management of basic tea gardens. The first step is to make the most accurate judgment--"Maintain the basic natural environment." Tea is better, quality must be stable, and the environment that gives birth to tea is the only key. We apply scientific methods and make repeated adjustments to allow tea gardens to meet the stringent requirements of water quality, soil, fertilizer and symbiosis with the surrounding land. Full dataization to effectively provide all our alpine tea gardens to grow the healthiest tea in the face of the unique terrain climate, to play its highest value. The tea cyanine will be sent to SGS for 368 pesticide residue tests immediately after each harvest to ensure that our management of the tea plantation is correct and to make finer adjustments.

    Then, the tea master of Yushanfang, using the skills accumulated over the past 30 years, according to the essence of tea, accurately grasps the degrees of baking and fermentation, and retains the essence of the aroma, perfectly presenting the fine tea of Yushanfang. In the final baked tea, a further 368 pesticide residue tests of SGS will be routinely performed to ensure that the arrival of tea in the mouth of consumers is absolutely safe.

    You can find the inspection report of 368 pesticide residues in Yushanfang Tea on the safety information platform of SGS.

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[Yushanfang] Gold Design Tea Gift Box (Oriental Beauty Tea x 2 in)

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