Swedish SKEPPSHULT cast iron frying pan 26cm round ears


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    **[designer and brand profile]**

    **Product specifications**
    Name: Sweden SKEPPSHULT cast iron frying pan 26cm round ears
    Pot diameter: 26cm
    Deep pot: 4cm
    Weight: 2.85KG
    Origin: Sweden

    **[Daily cleaning TIPS]**
    § Under normal circumstances, no special use of cleaning agents, please avoid using the dishwasher.

    § When there is warmth from the fire pot, into the warm water with a brush to clean. Also after use, direct fire into the water heating, high temperature hot water by enhanced cleaning power.

    § There browning Coke stains such as pot, can be deep cleaned. Covering the bottom of the pot a little water injection, after adding coarse salt is heated to a high temperature for about 1-2 minutes, until all the water evaporates, and then re-rinse off possible residual salt and wipe with a paper towel to maintain dry.

    § After cleaning, be sure to completely dry before storing pots and pans.

    **[Additional information: General boil & daily use & Conservation Information]**
    **[boil]**according ㄧ boil-like market program, before first use, first with hot water to gently scrub with paper towel, then pan to low heat until completely dry, you can apply to the pot surface a thin layer of cooking oil and open a small fire heated for about 10-20 minutes, until the oil is absorbed and cooling pot surface, you can start to use.

    **[Features]**In addition to microwaves, applicable to various types of direct fire heating. As long as no sharp edges of wood, silicone and other materials resistant shovel, can be used with. Cast iron thermal stability, regenerative effect is good, it is generally most of the cooking process can use the small fire. When the pre-heated to the desired temperature, the more constant temperature to produce good results, not by the addition of fresh ingredients and cooling, is particularly suitable for high-temperature cooking barbecue or small fire stew dishes. When moving pots and pans, please be careful of high temperature hot.

    **[texture]**Because wok brittle texture, in addition to avoiding collisions percussion, too large temperature difference could easily lead to fragmentation. Avoid frozen food directly into the pot, and it is not in the cooking is finished, rinse with cold water to cool rapidly. Furthermore, since the uncoated cast iron pot natural material properties, such as prolonged exposure to acidic ingredients (such as: wine, etc.), dishes easily contaminated with metallic taste or color, and therefore less suitable for long-simmered acidic ingredients.

    **[cleaning]**Do not use the dishwasher, do not recommend the use of detergents for cleaning. After each use, just to completely remove residual ingredients in hot water with a bristle brush or sponge gently rinse, dry with paper towels or can be placed in a drying oven stage, can be kept completely dry, but also add a touch of final a thin layer of cooking oil, to complete routine cleaning maintenance. In fact, as long as regular use, is the best maintenance cast iron pots and pans.


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Swedish SKEPPSHULT cast iron frying pan 26cm round ears




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