Christmas Card / Christmas gift / Christmas Cards / Christmas exchange gift cards

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Christmas Card / Christmas gift / Christmas Cards / Christmas exchange gift cards


Before the introduction of goods, I like to share a little story:

There was a farmer, he had a barren farmland.
He complained: "If God allows me to control the weather, and all things will get better, because he obviously is not really know how to crop needs weather"
God said to him: "I will give you a year's time for you to control the weather, you want to have what the weather, you can have what the weather."
The poor people are very happy and immediately try to say: "Now I want to sunny"
Then the sun came out.
Later he added: "the rain!" Then it began to rain.
Throughout the year he let the sun appears so, then rain.
Seed grew bigger and bigger, watching the growth of crops becomes a pleasure.
He was very proud to say: "Now God can learn how to control the weather!"
These crops has never been so big, so green, the color green was so deep.
Then the time has come to harvest.
The farmer took his scythe to harvest wheat, but his heart sank to the bottom, because the plant stems above nothing.
God went to him: "How is your crops?"
The people began to complain: "miserable, my Lord, very miserable!"
"But you do not get it control the weather?"
"You want something not all be good?"
"Of course! This is the place that is my confusion, I got what I wanted the rain and sun, but still no crop."
Then God said to him: "But you never asked for wind, rain, snow and everything will purify the air and let the roots harder and more resistant to things, and that is no reason for long crops."

Inspiration: Only experienced challenges it may have life.
Only if you have: good weather and bad weather, joy and pain, winter and summer, frustration and joy, discomfort and uncomfortable it may have life.
Between these two poles of life to move between these two poles, you will learn how to maintain balance.

Once again greet the cold winter, to be honest, Dr.kawaii environment of ice and snow, has always been to keep a distance to ensure safety, but they have to admit that after the winter of baptism, all life will be tougher!

This series of cards collected three-dimensional adhesive design, a variety of styles, except when Christmas cards can also be used as universal card or thank you card, a card many purposes. 100% handmade.
Dimensions about 6x4 inches (15x10 cm), medium size, convenient to send.
That comes with high texture buy card envelopes (by the designer for your card with the theme, select a style ship).

Intimate reminder:
1. Because it is handmade, sometimes color shades, stick position will be slightly different, so each card will have finished a little different, but the style and tone and will try to maintain the same photo. (That is to say, you buy this one is absolutely unique!)

2. Thank you for visiting Dr.kawaii Design Hall, we have designed a variety of birthday card / thank you card / Christmas / Valentine's Day card / New Year card / cards and other evangelicals, each card inside pages have left plenty of space, in order to allow you to Write down your mind, then. Hope this card as a seed, flowering, grow Zhu Zhu flowers shining life of your relationships!

3. Made in Taiwan, handmade.


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