[Wei'C]. * * Hua Tian Well End series on Happiness Happiness plus / metalworking .silver design /

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[Wei'C]. * * Hua Tian Well End series on Happiness Happiness plus / metalworking .silver design /


● ● commodity status
Customer order goods / stock: No stock / orders until after the current need to start making

● little little little bite enjoin ●
Goods Sold sample picture for picture, silver ring plate, polished silver material because of the situation of and changes every time.
Different commercially available silver-plated jewelry bright, Wei'C silverware characteristics, then finely polished in a state of pure hand-cast silver black light.
So there will be a very three-dimensional dark silver shiny surface, such as Georg Jensen silverware like Jason George retro sheen
Metallic color will have a little different because the display color ~ also invited our friends to pay more attention yo!

● ● commodity small story
The beginning of the design concept: A & quot; Happiness & quot; word beginning, the design concept initially thought that the simple pleasures, think happy things, and [hi] word of the word table just to bring the good or happy. The two people get together Happy happy [Happiness] has become a word. [Happiness] but it is not a literal, but represents a symbol tables are usually seen with two happy people; to a married couple held two double wedding. Very little like [Happiness] wanted to make a series of words - [Happiness] word-themed silver ornaments named [China Tim Happiness series] I hope you will like it.

Wei'C silverware are all hand-carved wax design, now with the casting manufacturers to K18
The quality and silver materials, the industry is fairly stable and does not give random doping or steal workers !!
Please also worry !! assurance is industry-certified 925 silver yo
Please do not think that hand-made goods are very expensive, because hand-made merchandise and market the commodity should not compare!
Hand-made goods to worry, a lot of work, time consuming and expensive technology, but also has a different idea of each.
Market goods, fast, beautiful, inexpensive ... a lot of machine-building.
Little sell not only works ... and more dreams, warm, playful, hope and blessing ~

● Introduction ● small commodity
Characteristics: Fine little finger shall apply
Size: around 11 # International Ring (ring inner diameter 1.68㎝)
(If more than one size does not fit your needs, can be customized size, but needs additional making, Cost need additional computing)

Color: warm retro silver
Silver Manufacturer: K18
Material: 925 silver internationally recognized

● how to look after a small reminder ●
Taboo articles]
Big Ban & quot; bogey & quot; should never be commercially available silver wash water immersion, if silver is damage caused thereby deformed, please bear the consequences of their own !!!
Do not wear jewelry while wearing other precious metals silver, to avoid collision deformation or abrasion.
To keep silver dry, do not wear swim, "bogey" can not be a long soak spa, high salt content of the liquid (ex: sea)
Including fine and three-dimensional sculpture made of silver, avoid deliberately wipe light.

[Maintenance articles]
After wearing cotton swab or tissue paper to the surface, remove moisture and dirt, collected in sealed bags, reducing contact with air.
Silver is the best care to wear every day, because the body can produce naturally moist oil sheen.
Silver seldom wear loads, there will be some surface rust, this is the reason because it contains a small amount of copper to silver polishing cloth and the like
If it is found silver with yellow signs, can be a small plastic toothbrush dampened slightly dish soap to clean silver jewelry slits

Remember to do general maintenance routine, you can reduce silver black condition
However, if the situation can not be found blackened treatment may be used to pay a little fee, return Polovoi pure hand-made maintenance ^ ^
Comply with the above small reminder, a little small works will be able to accompany you long, long time Oh ~

● Silver ● know how much
Q: What is 925 silver?
A: 925 silver is 92.5 percent silver alloy synthesis of 7.5% of the combined gold and silver became so 925 silver in the international community is to be recognized as sterling silver. Because of this sterling silver jewelry by forging a more robust are more difficult to wear and deformation, the real 999 sterling silver with gold as very soft.

Q: Why does silver with a long time will be black?
A: This is a natural phenomenon because when silver was in contact with the sulfur dioxide in the air, as long as a simple silver are black yo. But it does not matter in the understanding of the characteristics of silver, as long as the daily life a little effort, you can make your own jewelry worn by lasting as new.


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