[Celebrate the opening of] green dress lotus leaf stitching smoky organza dress with ruffled belt (original 17,000)


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  • 2014 Spring Summer collection

    2014 spring and summer series is a dream about the marshmallow and sky.

    one day
    Pale blue sky became broken pieces of debris
    Debris formed a shining like crystal blue shades meteorite
    Landing museum glass box

    On the shelf next to
    A line irregularly shaped clumps of cotton candy color lined
    Pale pink, sky blue, apple green, white, melted into a section of the pink line, a mixed reversed in the shape of a soft hill

    A strong green foliage plants, through a strong blue sky
    So stay strong blue sky in the green leaves
    Wall conjured Baiyun

    The sky was cotton candy sky, like a pink line on the shelf as the hills
    All those colors are light pink mixed together overlap

    From meteorite falling place
    We ride with a silver-white aircraft
    Shuttling back and forth in the soft haze of fog
    Marshmallow sky


    Spring Series intercepted three different images.
    Large translucent pink hue Uganda yarn lotus leaf, become soft body dotted lines;
    Endure all kinds of textures, special glossy fabric, cut out white, silver gray and clean, futuristic blue;
    Different colors of translucent black yarn overlap, as in the sky the layers of pastel clouds, creating clothing structure delicate layers.

    Uganda yarn transparent texture is still the focus of this season, a perspective material may exhibit internal level clothing, summer also brings a sense of light through the skin.

    Designers love DIFFERENCE contrast, performance in soft black yarn lotus leaf, with stiff material and geometric design with a tangent. Through the integration of a single product with a lower body, or the same single product in two styles, create both soft and neat lines.

    2014 Spring Summer collection is a dream of marshmallow and sky.

    One day
    the sky crashed into pieces
    The pieces fell into the glass box in the museum, becoming a meteorite, glittering with blue sky color.

    On the next shelf
    there are marshmallow mountains in pastel colors lining up
    Pale pink, sky blue, apple green and cream white, all melted into strings, twisting and crisscrossing on the mountains.

    a plant with strong green leaves passing through the curtain of that thick blue sky
    The blue was kept by the green leaves, and upon the sky, all clouds were, therefore, created.

    A Marshmallow Sky was there
    out of the window
    as the those pastel-color-stringed mountains
    with all that mild, sheer, delicate and fair colors mixed and mashed up together.

    From that place that the meteorite fell
    we ride in a silver-white spacecraft
    traveling within
    this feathery and misty, pastel Marshmallow Sky.

    The story was presented by 3 different scenes in SS 2014.
    Floating ruffles of sheer organza, soften the silhouette around body; stiff materials and fabrics with special texture, cut out a futuristic sense of white, grey and silver; organza in diverse tones layering together, as the layers of clouds in a marshmallow sky, create sophisticated structures in the garments.

    The see-through effect of organza remains a major point in this season. See-through material always brings out inner structures of the cloth, and carries also the necessary lightness of summer.

    This season, designer continued to combine elements in contrast. Floating organza curves and geometric blocks in rigid materials are matched together in the details, and also expressed by the way of styling, creating a silhouette, which is soft but clean.

    S No.
    Bust: 86cm (33 3/4 ")
    Waist: 68.5cm (27 ")
    Hips: 90cm (35.5 ")
    Length: 84cm (33 ")
    Hem Width: 86.5cm (34 ")

    M No.
    Bust: 89.5cm (35 1/4 ")
    Waist: 72.5cm (28.5 ")
    Hips: 94cm (37 ")
    Length: 85cm (33.5 ")
    Hem Width: 86.5cm (34 ")

    Pure Si Wu dry yarn Organza

    <Use and maintenance methods>
    Ordinary mattress dry temperature ironing can not wring Do not bleach Zealand

    <Designers and brand profile>
    Athena Chuang Zhuang Chenghua
    Born in 1984 in Taipei
    Videos from primary school, fascinated by all kinds of novels, movies, comic books created by the mysterious world, and which depict the fine details of clothing. In order to create the story and once dreamed of becoming a novelist, cartoonist, and finally found "clothing" is the most suitable for her creative language.
    After graduating from National Taiwan University Department of Sociology, in order to become a fashion designer and Milan, Italy, Istituto Marangoni enter school. In 2009, out of Master of Fashion Design. During the school master, because to get the highest score Frankie Morello cooperative education case, has not yet formally before graduation to get the opportunity to enter as a trainee designer Frankie Morello.
    In 2010, due to get into the Fendi women's design department jobs and moved to live in Rome. Fendi work during a monthly meeting with the design director Karl Lagerfeld and work together to become a very valuable experience.
    2013, to participate in Fashion in Taipei selection of cutting-edge fashion designer, won a gold medal.
    By the end of 2013, general manager Wen Xiaohong won InDesign brand appreciation and support, co-founded the design brand of the same name: Athena Chuang

    Athena Chuang
    Fashion designer, born in Taipei in 1984.
    Learning art since her childhood, and was always fascinated by the mysterious world and all the splendid clothes appeared in novels, comic books and movies.
    With a strong desire of creating stories, she once dreamed of becoming novelist or comic artist, but eventually she found Fashion Design is her way of expression. After graduated from Sociology department in NTU, she moved to Milan and entered Istituto Marangoni for studying fashion design . in 2009, she finished her Master degree in Fashion design with full score, and received the opportunity of an internship as designer of women 's ready-to-wear in Frankie Morello before the official graduation.
    In 2010, she moved to Rome for working in Fendi design studio of women 's wear, in which she had the very precious experience to work with creative director Karl Lagerfeld from time to time.
    2013, won the gold award in a fashion design competition: Fashion in Taipei, among young designers.
    At the end of 2013, with the support of Yulon group and InDesing GM Stephanie Wen, Athena started her own women 's wear brand: Athena Chuang.

    Origin / manufacturing methods
    Made in Taiwan handmade Hand made in Taiwan
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[Celebrate the opening of] green dress lotus leaf stitching smoky organza dress with ruffled belt (original 17,000)


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