Rainbow cake 6-inch hand-whipped cream cake ♩


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  • Rainbow cake 6 inches ♩ Hand cream cake / birthday cake

    Appearance white cream, like a stroll in heaven.
    In addition to looks gorgeous, Ye Hao want to eat delicious.
    Each a different color, a different flavor, memorable.
    Nothing is really at the heart knife ~

    ♬ ♬ specialty food goods taste analysis

    Ants do not like sweet candy ♥♥ ♡♡♡
    ♥♥ ♡♡♡ strong refreshing
    ♥♥ ♡♡♡ crispy soft Q

    ♬ composition, size, weight, quantity ♬
    ♩ natural German imports 35 percent butterfat cream, the entrance of the taste, no smell artificial whipped cream!
    ♩ selected US imports GRADE AA level unsalted butter, no trans fats most healthy.
    ♩ British import natural pigments.
    ♩ filtered water. Provincial yield premium flour. Red yeast rice powder. Matcha powder. Cocoa powder. Charcoal powder. Turmeric powder. Cinnamon
    ♩ diameter of 6 inches = 16cm. Weight about 300g ± 20g, about 3 to 5 servings.
    ♩ whipped cream cake as festivals need to be obtained from the plate with a small candle (single small candle three candles or digital), can not obtain environmental Love the Earth Oh ~
    ♩ attached DIY chocolate sauce packets can also be painted cake valet services, such as: the words HAPPY BIRTHDAY, etc. are welcome to discuss ^^!


    The most popular hand-pistachio cake child critically acclaimed! !
    Natural pure butterfat cream is really super good, good to let everyone try it!

    Found that many people are brought when the birthday cake with the anniversary, which was originally accompanied by chocolate sauce packets so that everyone can draw their own, and later, after providing valet popular painting, these are the ideas we play, for me to brush , ha ha ~ be co-authoring Hello!
    There are a lot of chance to take pictures, draw more cute ♡

    ♬ shelf life, edible description ♬
    Taiwan love ♥ manufacturing refrigeration can put about three days.
    ♪ In order to maintain the status whipped cream cake complete delivery to your mouth, the whole mining transport refrigeration!
    (Before serving, please return to the entrance of the hardness of ice to about 10 minutes at room temperature or refrigerated ice to retreat to the entrance of softness, depending on the temperature, air conditioning is slightly different, slightly adjusted according to personal taste.)
    ♪ All cakes are freshly made before the next single. All handmade of natural flavor, artificial color spices without adding preservatives, so Consume soon after opening complete Oh!
    ♪ production line may contain milk, peanuts, wheat bran, allergy, please stay Oh Yi allergen
    ♪ high animal fat whipped cream and vegetable oil compared to artificial milk taste better have a thick creamy, light yellow color slightly (because it contains more fat is cream color), but less smooth for Decorating beautiful, note that before making yo.

    ♫ ♫ rainbow cake story

    Research for a long time, because it is really not want to use artificial colors, but no pretty colors rainbow cake is not beautiful.
    Ascension for two months ...
    Finally obediently buy natural pigment British home test. The color is not enough, plus natural fruit powder cross-test, and finally bake the most beautiful and healthy rainbow cake!

    Each are different tastes, as with a 35% butterfat cream, sweet and not greasy. Also full of refreshing!
    Imports of natural cream, you must eat on the know! No return Oh ~ ha ha ha

    Glutton eyed must have found only six count how ah? ! Because more layer, standard eight-inch cake box is about to fit it ...
    Future can customize your own cake box, they must not forget to be more level up!

    ♫ risk of cake on the logistics to send checks ♫
    The new six-inch cake box ♡
    In particular look for the most environmentally friendly leather colors, showing the texture of handmade dessert Park
    1mm thick rigid corrugated board more stable!
    Cake plate is carefully selected group of plant fiber tray, well not take too terrifying fall victims to the floor to eat cake.
    Cake knife and fork have designed, Very Good cut and fork.
    Hope that this revision of the heart, let the cake was safer to everybody's mouth.
    Although costs have increased and more importantly, make delicious pistachio Zi Fang is transmitted to the hearts of everyone.

    Around ✆ greedy have any questions, please feel free to contact ✆ Do not be shy
    Welcome glutton secretly grateful to ⓕⓐⓒⓔⓑⓞⓞⓚ attention COOkyloving☺ love with ☺
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Rainbow cake 6-inch hand-whipped cream cake ♩

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