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  • / Commodity Description and story /

    Purple to black purple hillside, capsules full, precious capsules
    We do not put precious natural purple anthocyanins removed, the best preserved bran layer
    So often people misunderstand is not an ordinary black glutinous rice
    Hillside purple instead of black glutinous rice yo! ! Net bubble-free cooking, cleaning do not vigorously rub
    Because anthocyanins will be dissolved in water, the water will turn purple rice washing is a normal phenomenon oh

    Hong spray ‧ Q soft elastic ‧ ‧ health purple rice cooking method:
    1 cup purple Mega 2 or 3 cups rice (a ratio of more than two or three), two kinds of rice into the pot after washing, cooking and general cooking in the same way, that is able to cook in Hong Q delicious meal of Health .

    Purple tips:
    Hualien County Road 193 planting the hillside purple organic brown rice, two crops a year, the impact of winter season in the summer season, summer and winter due to weather conditions and the difference in temperature is more, will harvest purple in color have different The difference, because the duration of the rice in the sun and humidity on the climate and environment, which would make rice have different effects, and purple on climatic factors are of different colors, red, purple, dark purple, which is a natural phenomenon, hillside rice are all natural certified organic quality, small acreage, crop value even lower than the number of white rice, while farmers in addition to planting bit hard, but want to grow purple people eat healthy, has open orders, let your attention to self-cultivation, eat healthy, eat in safety.

    / Size, size, size, weight /

    Weight: 300 g / bag
    Origin: Taiwan Hualien
    Ingredients: Hillside rice - purple brown rice - organic transition rice
    Storage: unopened 6 months

    / Edible info /

    ※ Storage: stored at room temperature, please put no direct sunlight storage after opening, please sealed stored in a refrigerator
    ※ consumption mode: purple rice 1 cup + 3 cups water 4 cups rice, water and a few cups of rice as much free immersion
    ※ Note: When the rice washing action to be fast, to light, can not be forced to scrub, washing times 1 to 2 times, and the wash water quickly drained eight, mainly in the rice washing in water soluble anthocyanins, vitamins and due to be dissolved in water and minerals lost out.
    ※ When there is purple rice washing liquid dissolution, is a normal phenomenon, not a stain.

    / Brand introduction /

    Good mountain ‧ ‧ kind of good good water meters
    Happy organic farm is located in Hualien Yuemei village Shoufong Township, Hualien County, Taiwan 193 county highway, leaning screen Hualien Coast Mountains to the west across the river with Donghua University in Hualien sea, because the beautiful scenery, it is Shoufong Yangmingshan said.

    Farm surrounded by trees with fresh air, in the natural ecological environment, Tian singing frog symphony, happy leisurely foraging in the fields or bamboo. When summer comes, hordes of insects carrying a light one candle lanterns, danced graceful dance, occasionally also encounter simple and honest cute farm boar to play.

    Hualien Happy organic farm mainly produces organic guava, organic rice, organic purple, organic pineapple, organic lemons, organic banana and so on. Growth in agricultural products were collected no pesticides, no chemical / animal manure natural plant approach and escorts Yuemei flows down the mountain by mountain spring water for irrigation cultivation from medical stone.

    Origin / manufacturing methods
    Origin: Taiwan Hualien
    Origin / manufacturing methods
    Made in Taiwan Hualien
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Hillside rice - brown rice 300g purple - Hualien Happy Organic Farm




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