Angry MOAI - breathless Moai stone statue

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This product is custom-made orders, are out of stock, production time, please refer to the next prior to display the num


Angry MOAI - breathless Moai stone statue


**This product is custom made, there is no stock (stock shows PINKOI APP BUG), production time, please refer to the required number of working days prior to placing the order (but still need to be based on the actual weather conditions may be) Single ~ Thank you for your support.**

**【Product Description】**
Easter Island Moai is like a stone statue guarding the islanders, legend can bless the island good weather.
Adopt the concept of conservation and design of this gardening decoration, it is suitable for office or home decorations.
In the prototype production, deliberately spent a lot of effort in the production of imitation stone small details, to make like a stone-like texture.

Miaqiaoqi temper: "Ah ~ is really annoying ~! ((Drum ..."
Emotions like the weather, angry like a thunderstorm, first sprinkle rain thunderstorm, in order to allow the clouds to disperse, the weather was fine. Face the emotional mood, please do not pretend to ignore it ~
Life is always a lot of helpless things, the boss squeeze, couple disputes, hard-working creative concept was directly access ... Gee! Do not simmer myself ~ Because angry, so even more to go! ! Moyai Mo Ai accompany you with indignation ~!

High 11.5 kg weight of 467 grams (take a slightly smaller value)


**【Designer and brand profile】**
Designer / Small CHI Design Studio
Brand / Meat Culture Institute Succulent Plants Studio
Brand spirit:

**【Purchase note】**
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Cement products are pure hand-made products for graduate students, each of them has its own individual differences, such as stomatal and plaque stripping the road are all the characteristics of the material, such as unacceptable do not buy. Cement production schedule need to take into account the environmental factors, sometimes because of the weather caused by prolonged drying time, if the specified or urgent date, please send a message to inform, please forgive the buyer.
**Receipt of goods outside Taiwan attention! Hong Kong and Maucao freight with SF Express, and the rest for the China Post, please check the goods at the moment of receipt of goods to be complete, otherwise, if damaged shipping companies would not compensate**

**【Origin / manufacturing methods】**
Taiwan Kaohsiung handmade
Origin / manufacturing methods
Taiwan Kaohsiung handmade


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