Hopeful - bracelet

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After ordering, please "demand chain length" and "packaging" note in the order. Designers will use t



Hopeful - bracelet


:::::::::::::::: ✤ about**wishfulness - bracelet**::::::::::::::::

This will be
Remember hanging here

want you
All the best


::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: ✚**Specification**:::::::::::::::: ::::::::::::

● chain: flat

● Chain thick:
Width - about 3mm
Thickness - about 0.5mm

● Chain length:
Provide 15 ~ 18cm
(For special size, please press "Contact Designer" on the right to discuss and ask Yo)
★ ★ Choose whether to add 1 inch or half inch to extend the chain <1 inch about = 2.54 cm; half inch about = 1.27 cm> (plus the length of the chain can be adjusted to do their own length) ★ ★

● How to measure chain length:
Hand around the length of about + 1.5cm <**This bracelet suitable for a little bit pendant feeling**>
(The above is an example, according to personal preferences to adjust the length of Yo !!)

★ Please note the length of the chain clearly !! If the work is required to modify the finished version of the material required to charge NT $ 300 Yo> <

Chain detail photo

:::::::::::::::::::::::::::: ❤**Material**:::::::::::::::: ::::::::::::

Sterling Silver (Silver, 925 Silver)

:::::::::::::::::::::::::::: ♞**Ordering required**:::::::::::::: :::::::::::::::

Due to Little Red's work, everything from looking for materials, making, packing, mailing and so on is done slowly by one person, and all of them are hand-made one by one, so the working days for this product is about 3 to 5 days (Excluding holidays and delivery time), will be sent to you immediately after the completion, this also invited a lot of implication.
※ If you need a gift, please check out the packaging**to the designer of messages or remarks matters**field marked "gifts", we will help you package Mei Mei Oh.

Most of the customized products need to communicate and discuss. Therefore, we have to wait for confirmation of the production style size before starting the production order calculation day Yo (this product works for 3 to 5 days, excluding holidays and delivery time).

【Special build】
Different products of the production methods and degree of difficulty are different, the production time will not be the same, please ask in advance to discuss Yo!

The works ███**formulated for passenger commodity**please**note**following ███

★ Be sure to**to the designer of messages or remarks matters**fields required to inform the chain length of Yo!
★ Please note the length of the chain clearly !! If the work is required to modify the finished version of the material required to charge NT $ 300 Yo> <

<**order notes example**>
Chain length: 16cm + 1 inch to extend the chain <1 inch = 2.54 cm>
(You can also inform**hand around**let Little Red. Help you catch length Yo)
Good storage


(**Each one works are hand-made, so there will be a slight error on the number of specifications****>**** <****So very concerned about the friends! Please consider the next single Yo! **)

Madou: hand around 15cm
Try on Length: 16cm**(**** does not contain 1 inch <about 2.54cm> extend the length of the chain****) **

(Each hand surrounding is not the same, Madou tried only for reference Yo ~)


::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: ✚**Silverware maintenance tips**::::::::::::: ::::::::::::::::

❖ Try not to be worn with other metal accessories as much as possible in order to avoid collision or deformation.
❖ Do not soak sulfur hot springs, sea water and chemicals to avoid darkening or corrosion of sulfur.
❖ Wipe the surface with tissue paper after each wearing, remove sweat and dirt, and store in a sealed bag to avoid contact with air to accelerate oxidation.
❖ usually with a little soapy water will be placed in the palm of your hand gently rub the jewelry, and then wash with water, and with a towel press dry, dry with a hair dryer can be cold. (If dry with hot air, do not pull hard when cooling, easy to deform! And very hot Yo)
❖ Silver is the best way to maintain daily wear, body oils can make silver ornaments produce a natural moist gloss. (Bathing is also ok Yo, but please pay attention to dry, so as to avoid water marks fog foggy.)

::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: ✺**About this design museum**::::::::::::: ::::::::::::::::

There is a Little Red. (Little Red Dot) Sprouting slowly in my heart
The enthusiasm for creation has gradually become infinite, I want to share this passion for everyone
Share with everyone, move together, laugh together, warm each moment
Let everyone's heart LittleRed. Also began to slowly budding

Little red dot hope to show
Ordinary warm hand-made style
Simple yet chic cute
Unique style and combination of creation

Hope that works can infect everyone, so that everyone can have their own Little Red. Little Red Dot
Because of this passion is the mutual transmission of infection, and then a little bit inspired accumulation ~ ~

Little Red Red represents the light, passionate, passionate, direction, guidance, simple, pure, moving, warm
Let us discover the little beauty in life, and collide with a more beautiful, more exciting spark horn ~ ~

Welcome to search and add**Little****Red****.****red dot**FaceBook Fans

Our irregular holidays will appear in**major creative market**Oh! If you want to see the physical works of friends can also come to the market to find us to play Yo.
Information about the stalls can follow our**FaceBook****fans group**Oh, we will be announced earlier in the above> 3 <

Thank you ~ red dot step down a bow ~

Origin / manufacturing methods
Origin Taiwan (Made In Taiwan) / handmade


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マカオUS$ 5.10US$ 1.02
その他の国・地域US$ 6.80US$ 1.02


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