OPUS Leather - Mountain Putao Zi

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OPUS Leather - Mountain Putao Zi



Mountain Putao Zi - leather bags hanging ring

This season unique mountain Putao Zi

Mysterious brought you rich purple gray

Unique and elegant

Opus Opus hanging ring are attached to exclusive suede cloth dust bag and gift boxes and rigid Chinese / English / Japanese instructions

Leather original price of 480 yuan


I believe we have that experience to dress in an elegant cafe and sisterhood happy to chat

Or wearing sexy and Prince Charming dining restaurant in an atmosphere of good time

I do not know have to worry about where to put the bag

On the ground put the value of Fiji bags beautiful stained bacteria stains on the ground will also send body

After hanging in the back seat 1/3 fear of theft or give the location of the bag is not only elegant posture

After sitting for some time on the spine and muscles will be affected

Last resort on the lap is the most unwise move the entire dining atmosphere vanished

Right now

The circle diameter of 4.5 cm small disc so you no longer will be in trouble after this embarrassing territory disk expansion into the periphery of the ring can be attached to the bag hanging ring

The center was to become the center point of the use of force by the force of gravity and make the bag hanging hook and loop fastener becomes portable load-bearing strength of the bag

Is a very practical and elegant fashion accessories

Carry bag hooks in the West in the early 19th century, the popularity of social etiquette over a period of time when a mother would hook this gift daughter

So that dining out can ensure its gracefully between friends is also a good gift-giving a practical gadget

Now flow back in another form the Western world and gradually create a wave in the East to lead a new dining etiquette

Not only keep your sitting at your table more elegant fashion elements increase

Fashion sense of smell you have a Opus yet?

STEP 1-2. The ring opened

STEP 3-4. The Straight Pull

STEP 5. The bag hung on the ring

STEP 6. The disc on the table

Voila! Elegant so you can enjoy your meals up


Opus brand carry bag hanging ring constantly experimented with all kinds of bags hanging ring linked to the market to be improved to optimize a more refined sturdy hanging ring

1. Strengthening load

New era of women carried out article has a certain weight, let alone if you are using brand-name bags

The bag itself already is 1-2 kg take-off weight of the average bag hanging ring about carrying around three kilograms weight

Will be broken in order to protect our precious bags and valuables in the 2/3 place too heavy ring

Opus strengthening bag hanging ring hanging ring first section 1-2 with section 2-3 as part of the link to the mechanics who

Here is the easiest place to break our joint strength in addition to strengthening links with the density of zinc alloy thickening lengthen

Opus bag hanging ring so you can load 16 pounds to about 5.9 kg can surely meet your habits

Also Opus hanging ring is double-sided polishing even hang inside of the ring to pay more once we polished workmanship

The elegant spirit in the details perfect presentation


2. The income side of the disc

The disc received the first leather / gems / Silmarillion / Crystal Diamond series live center can complete coating of leather or gems

3. Bottom-slip mat

Non-slip rubber base pad to replace the sponge attached to the table after the ability to develop stronger and more slip and waterproof

To avoid the sponge because of the relationship between inertia and pressure generated by the use of distortion characteristics over a period of time

So that the contact area with the desktop hanging ring injustice cause uneven force area fall

Desktop applies to any material as long as the thickness of the tabletop of less than 6 cm can be used


4. Two Cikou

Hanging ring with the middle and rear two basic magnetic snap easily accommodated hanging ring

5. Saturation

Saturation of the color glass stones glass stones each one has been carefully selected to ensure that no impurities brightness clear break

6. Opus exclusive suede dust bag

Easy storage and carry hanging ring and can be used as make your Opus wipe clean and preserve beautiful

Each Opus inclusive

1. carry bag hanging ring

2. suede dust bag:

Elegant pale mustard yellow hue and a soft suede touch to make your daily experience full of happiness

3. fine cloth gift:

Opus exclusive Royal exquisite yellow cloth hard box gift gift decent own convenience

4. Use the card:

Chinese / English / Japanese and foreign usage instructions to make the recipient receives a gift that is to know how to use your carefully selected hanging ring

Product Size

Total Diameter: 4.5 cm

Inner circle diameter: 3.5 cm

Thickness: 0.7 cm

Weight: 48 grams

Can load: 13 pounds to about 5.9 kg

Material: Zinc Alloy environmental regeneration



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