A Musical Journey Around Taiwan 4CD

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“Island Ramble” x “Musical Snapshot” x “Nature Fantasy” x “The Natural Sounds of Taiwan’s Aborigine”



A Musical Journey Around Taiwan 4CD


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qMsapWGmxxw Listen to music and remember your travels. Listen to music and see the sights. Listen to music and experience nature. Listen to music and cherish the land. Using your emotions and your memories, you can start out any time you like and go on a musical ramble around the island. ***A musical souvenir that isn’t to be missed – A Musical Journey Around Taiwan** ***With this musical memento, you can pack memories of travel in Taiwan into your luggage** ***A golden collection of Taiwan Golden Melody Award-winning musicians, with 40 classic tracks telling 40 musical stories of Taiwan** ***You are cordially invited to once again experience the beautiful sounds and beautiful scenery of this warm island country** ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- **【CD 1】Island Ramble** **1. The Great Rice Drying Field** From《Home Town At The Foot Of Grass Mountain》 An old district of Taipei brimming with century-old magnificence **2. Under the Moonlight ** From 《Under the Moonlight》 Six-string moonlight embellished with exoticism **3. Rhapsody of Gin-qua-shi** From《Ocarina Flyer》 In the sound of the flute are dreams of gold and recollections of a mountain town **4. Riffles in the Light of Night** From《Tales of Sun Moon Lake》 A symphony of lake light and moonlight tells the legend of Shuishalian **5. Dongshan River** From《Taste of Colors- Wang Jun-jie’s Piano Diary》 Art and greenery meet amidst mountains and water **6. Atulan Old Sugar Refinery Café** From《The Last Paradise》 The wonderful new face of an abandoned sugar factory **7. High Green Mountain** From《Misunderstanding》 A classic song that has been sung for over sixty years **8. South of Border** From《Napoli Blue Night》 Tropical splendor that never withers in the sun **9. Lazy Afternoon Surfing in Nanwan** From《Sunshine For Free》 Longing for the far south played by guitar and mandolin **10. Grandma’s Pon-Hu Cove** From《Olive Tree》 Using music to recall fond memories of grandma’s home ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- **【CD2 Musical Snapshot】** **1.Wheat Field Fantasy** From《The Eyes of the Sky》 A musical fantasy in tribute to the farmers of Taiwan **2. Bicycle Holiday** From《On a Gentle Island Breeze》 A light breeze brushes your face on a bicycle holiday **3. Perfumed Meadows** From《Until Meet》 A fragrant odor of the south **4. Hear the Taste of Blue Mountain** From《Happy Way》 Six strings awash in the lingering poetic flavor of the mountain town of Jiufen **5. Old Times ** From《Green Ark》 The recollections of three generations are sung in nanguan style under an old tree **6. Sunshine in the Ox-Carriage** From《It’s Summer Time》 The simple, free and easy contentment of rural areas **7. Cherry Flower Rain** From《Cherry Flower Rain》 Make a trip to Alishan to appreciate the cherry blossoms **8. Nostalgia for the Hot Spring Country** From《In Love with Hot Springs》 A nakasi accordion gives a leisurely account of the gentle countryside **9. Longing for the Spring Breeze** From《Longing for the Unforgettable Spring Breeze》 That unforgettable, seventy-year-old evocation of the spring wind of youth **10. Capriccio Pine Breeze ** From《Eastern Capriccio》 A brilliant dialog between the oboe and beiguan music ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- **【CD3 Nature Fantasy】** **1. Elves of the Night** From《The Forest Show》 A leaping fairy composes Taiwan’s first nature music **2. The Blue Gate** From《Birds II》 Leading the bird lovers to dreamland **3. Swimming Joyfully with Whales and Dolphins** From《Enchanting Journey from the Ocean》 An ocean melody in a music box **4. My Ocean** From《My Ocean》 Enjoy the ocean in solitude **5. Spirits of the Wetlands** From《Green Ark》 The march of the crabs in the wetlands of the west coast **6. An Encounter (Memory of Shangri-La)** From《The Nearest Heaven》 Meet all kinds of living things in the paradise of Fushan **7. Out of Valley** From《Songbirds》 The black-naped oriole at the front line of music comes out of the valley **8. The Nearest Heaven** From《The Nearest Heaven》 Where paradise is, that’s where Fushan is **9. Moonlight Festival** From《Moonlight Festival》 The singing of flying fairies unveils the mysterious night **10. Ode of Joy** From《Moonlight Festival》 The first performance of the frog chorus ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- **【CD4 The Natural Sounds of Taiwan’s Aborigines】** **1. My Carefree Life** From《My Carefree Life》 The rural, jazzy blues of a singer-songwriter with a restless spirit **2. Where Has Our Ancestors' Land Gone? ** From《The Eyes of the Sky》 Quietly singing a gentle appeal to protect the land **3. Sun and Moon** From《Sun and Moon》 A romantic myth of the Amis people sung by a peaceful voice **4. Rukai Love Song** From《On a Gentle Island Breeze》 Piano and voice interweave in a Rukai love song **5. Song of Joy ** From《Where the Songs Begin》 A symphony of natural voices singing their own song **6. Song of Moonlight** From《The Hunter》 A popular Bunun song that evokes lingering emotions * Composed, lyrics, arrranged, singer, & guitar/ Wang Hong-en  **7. Looking Back** From《Miling’an》 A Paiwan woman’s longing for the mountain forests **8. Lulimai Drizzle on the Mountains** From《To and From the Heart》 A Paiwan love song relates a saga of romance **9. Call of Passage** From《On a Gentle Island Breeze》 A boundary-crossing dialog between a deep, rich voice and a guitar **10. The Stream Passing Through the Landscape** From《Green Ark》 Stretching across the landscape, an Amis singer praises the power of beauty


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