Postcards The Room Full of the Fish Images

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Postcards The Room Full of the Fish Images


In the end, there are a few fish?
Themes from a child's room decor book, which has a lot of interesting pictures with color, even better a child into the mirror, will make the picture all of a sudden be remembered.
I most want to draw the table aquarium (although the results drawn up is not my most satisfying).

Primary school, I also have a fish tank, like painting it, only one fish, a betta. Is my "Tennessee bookstore" close to home buying, which at the time bookstore is a bookstore Douliu largest, has the most books. I was impressed with the fish, because it live for a long time (in my experience, fish), eight months, out of my unexpected long, dead time is out of my expectation. But I will not always amazed its vitality, when it exists in my life, I only see it as habit. It regularly to get the back door in the sun, in the sun refraction see it swimming, is an automatic early than have to make people happy every day, meet a lot of habits. It is an accident died, is the father of the reverse osmosis means a problem, leading to black it out of the water dead. Some things happen in the moment, will feel out of my expectation, in fact, it was discovered that only I was surprised, I often careless and forget not pay attention.

Later, after another went to the bookstore to buy a betta and a back support, but a take a quick killed. Aquarium also received a garage. Tennessee bookstore now, two-thirds dumpling shop on the ground floor is also rented to go.

States began, they bought will cheer aquarium, there are colors, different kinds of fish, becomes very interesting, lively aquarium. Sometimes, however, the situation appears to bite each other, and miserable. Later it close up.

Until the time high school, college, my mother and swing guppy fish tank in the living room to raise short cabinet. Mom said, if placed in the tank, the glass refraction in the interior Aigui, with fish swimming set off waves, compared to plants, she felt more lively. For mother, aquarium is a great background.

Finally, upload photos later, there are enthusiastic readers, but also suggested that I paint lab friend, the paintings of fish to find out! Kind reader replies feeling good.

Maruman postcard original painting is the most advanced painting paper (neutral paper), printed material is taken for commodity printing postcards, not polished art paper. Use water-color pencils STAEDTLER, STAEDTLER behalf of the stylus to draw.


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