LightXLife 3D Night Light - Lucky Cat

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lightxlife ショップへ

LightXLife 3D Night Light - Lucky Cat


Is different from the traditional traditional Lucky cat, while the acrylic film only 5 cm thickness out of the same Lucky cat feeling, you can save space at the same time with a stylish taste

"Light X Life" origin:

"Light X Life" is a brand in Macau, the original design of this product is because my family did not bedside lights, each time the lights are turned to the door, feel very convenient, the result will cause off the lights to see Mobile phone (so long on the eyes very bad), then wanted to be able to design a convenient and easy to replace the different forms of light, slowly "Light X Life" appeared. "Light X Life" was born about two years now, but he wanted to illuminate the darkness of every place, so we decided to rush out of Macau, bring "Light X Life" to every place and put them to different There are a variety of colorful life, you can show "Light X Life" is a friend, a little night light, a silent silence will not listen to your good friends.

What is "Light X Life"?

Light X Life "3D modeling night light is a thickness of only 5 mm acrylic film, the plane lines designed with 3D stereo effect, and the use of LED and laser carving cut out the body lines. Finally, put these acrylic board into the tailored wooden lampholders, a shiny 3D stereo light bulb was born.

We believe that each design is unique and vitality, the design began by the white paper by the designer of a painting concept, depicting the shape and character of each work, when the design finished for production, but also "they" have life when.

So we believe that the introduction of customized services will be more meaningful, by the designer and customer ideas in communication and modification, LightXlife will be more different personality and vitality.

"Light X Life" is the purpose of "I light up your Night, and you light up my Life" means "I light up your night while you also burn my life." Buy "Light X Life" is not just a product but also a kind of companion and warmth, let's light your every night!

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When the Macau Express Company sends other countries, because our home belongs to the electronic product category, the courier company needs to submit the recipient's serial number / ID number to the customs clearance, so if you want to purchase the LightXLife product, Number / ID card to us, we will immediately deal with the order, the LightxLife sent to you! Many thanks!

Product Size
15 (H) X26 (W) cm
Acrylic 5.5mm lamp version
Origin / manufacturing method
Origin China Macau processing and design


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