Hand-painted city postcard group (B) five

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Hand-painted city postcard group (B) five


(B) of the water castle in Lithuania, Poland mountain castle chain bridge in Budapest, Warsaw, Poland, a small house, St. Petersburg bloodthirsty church

[I paint, I send postcards plan]

This is a new program I travel I took a pen, then painted scenery and mood.
Each painting one, it will take a picture with the scene, recorded at that time.
Currently travel toured 20 countries, more than 80 cities, completed more than 180 postcards.
After returning to Taiwan, decided to work with more people sharing, although the hand-painted works printed, but each limited to please the master sheet by sheet printing, each one, ink are different. Friends received, you can feel about his weight, but also the number of the back of each number, I hope you'll like it.


[Each postcard has a story]

Lithuania water castle
[No.71] Trakai, Lithuania. Trakai Castle is located in the outskirts of Vilnius, at the lake 30 km, is the only one in Eastern Europe Water Tower. Temporary decided to go to this castle, spectacular results beyond expectations, the castle itself was not spectacular, but the momentum is located in the lake. Winter tourists really very little, Asians probably only a few of us, so sometimes the way children will greet us, or simply to speak with us, then Lithuania, completely did not understand and had to giggle.

Polish mountain castle
[No.25] Krakow, Poland. This city was once the capital of Poland, have been here many crowned King of Poland. I think Krakow is Poland's most stylish city, the Old Town tourist coach is very impressive, and the horses are decorated with style, horse groom very positive enough style to wear. The city shows the momentum of the first Polish tourist cities!

Chain Bridge in Budapest
[No.36] Budapest, Hungary. Standing on a hilltop overlooking the blue river more angry, but he is not blue lol. The essence of the point of view of Budapest, in order to adhere to the mountains special postmark, immediately sent the two. Rare encounter Taiwanese free, and they went so far from it! Hope people really Jha ha ha!

Small house in Warsaw, Poland
[No.12] Warsaw, Poland. 1944, Hitler ordered Warsaw should disappear from the world map, the Germans mad bombing, 90 per cent of the city was destroyed. Warsaw after the war to rebuild brick by brick, to restore the original appearance of the Old City, was also included in the world cultural heritage. The city organized everywhere full of flowers. Building is quite distinctive, although they did not fancy colors, but all with low saturation Each color, although a conservative but overall looks particularly harmonious.

St. Petersburg church bloodthirsty
[No.83] St.Pertersburg, Russia. Project seems to come to the peak of it! This delicate blood church to obsessions, insisted on my site unfinished, the price is frozen hands. Teng himself seemed to sting, but the challenge now is to admit defeat ha ha ha ha! In 1881, when Tsar Alexander II, was killed in this place revolutionary party, the throne of Alexander III to commemorate this event, so he built a blood church. Sunny day, when the roof is more light, the whole church will be like Aladdin castles, magic carpet ready to fly out!

[Adhere to a few print carefully selected paper]
We adhere to a few, hand-printing, ink is different, unique.
Paper is very thick, you feel it when you can get the weight.
On the back there are autographed, limited edition number, worthy of collection.


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