KALKI'D pro cement flower - slush (in) the last one left []

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KALKI'D pro cement flower - slush (in) the last one left []


Use of environmentally friendly non-toxic recycled materials "pro cement lotos geo-paste" made with moisture permeability function, can adjust the physical pot of water.
You not only suitable for small space gardening scene play, which can be used as pen weight steady, also with pieces tank into a candlestick or change, all by your own creativity, decorating corner of life.

[Design] with love
Application of environmentally friendly recycled materials to develop a series of Earth-friendly cement product, creating a delicate texture moist and full of imagination household items, look through the product to let you know we stand together to unite the power of love the earth.
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【brand introduction】
Uphold the concept of sustainable use of the ecological environment, KALKI'D use in collaboration with Cheng Chang Hong science and technology research and development of inorganic polymer technology, the traditional industrial byproducts such as fly ash, furnace slag, so as to transform the way the patent as an environmentally friendly materials, with subversion traditional manufacturing techniques and bold ideas perfect combination of design and technology to create a more Earth-friendly new ideas.

LOTOS GEO-PASTE products, uphold the conviction of caring for the earth, to seek the most environmentally friendly mediums use their delicate texture and special physical characteristics, the integration "of new material and new technology + design +" the idea of creating a series of new desk and daily necessities.

[Introduction] designer
A letter (Caixin Huang) one billion international design director, but also KALKI'D soul. Good with vivid storyline and presentation creation humanistic design thinking, to establish interaction between people and products with a unique vocabulary. His design is full of different interesting topics and humor, but also contains the connotation of Chinese culture, the pursuit of practical philosophy in hand with optimism designer. The excellent performance so that he received numerous awards and was invited to lecture around and teaching work in various exhibitions at home and abroad are widely acclaimed.

To "love" for the faith, handmade

Product specifications
Short: 7.5 x 7.5 x H5.5 cm
In: 7.5 x 7.5 x H8 cm
High: 7.5 x 7.5 x H9 cm
Packing size: 9.5x9.5x12cm
Material: pro cement LOTOS GEO-PASTE
Color: Gray
Origin / manufacturing methods: Taiwan / handmade

* This product is made from recycled environmentally friendly material, safe non-toxic and certified by SGS Please feel at ease to use.
* After its absorption properties of saturated cement products, please stand dried in air, the better the longer the water effect.
* The strains of handmade non-bulk copy, the details of each product are not the same, in real products based.
* Do not use for holding food, and avoid direct contact with the mouth.
* Do not deliberately hit the weight or prolonged exposure to direct sunlight to avoid thermal expansion and contraction cracks damaged.
* Do not directly water, such as a wet rag dirty please wipe gently.
* In case of serious flaws in transit or damaged, intact packaging within seven days to replace the same model.

* The strains of pure hand-made, each surface texture and texture differences Jie, can not provide the selection.
Buyers do not require perfection as orders.

Warranty Period: Goods case of major flaws, seven days a replacement can be updated.
Warranty: New major flaws or damage in transit. (Man-made damage is not limited to the warranty)


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