Fuchia ~ ~ silently twisted brass bead bracelet

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Fuchia ショップへ

Fuchia ~ ~ silently twisted brass bead bracelet


Name:**silently twisted brass bead bracelet ~**
Size: custom models
Press**I ordered**, select S, and hand around in the remarks Memo
Recommended to use tape or wire around the wrist (or want to wear a bracelet position) circle,
Friends want to wear relatively fit hand, please wrist measuring public score + 0.5cm
If you want to wear a little more relaxed, it is recommended to reserve 1 ~ 1.5cm
The material itself has a fixed width, so the error is 0.2 ~ 0.5cm are all normal Oh ~
**If the hand is around 15cm, you want a little hands together, compared with 15 cm + 0.5 = 15.5cm**
**When selecting the size of hand around or tell Fuchia, please direct elections [15.5cm] Oh!**
Ruoyin hand Wai decrease, increase or decrease slightly different beads of the photo, the arrangement will be and Oh!
**bracelet elastic line styles, beginning feel more fit to wear hand, after a long time will again wear loose a little oh**
** Ruoyin size measurement is incorrect, resulting in substandard bracelet size, modification section 100 shall charge a fee and send
[Return] freight Oh ~ ~:) so the trouble we ordered before hand to carefully measure the circumference size, if the problem
Alternatively, you can discuss and designers Oh:)

Material: tendon-day line / brass bead twist


Pure brass beads twisted combination
Return to one of the most primitive appearance

Simple Spirit
Behind it has simple expectations
To silently think, efforts with

☆ Fuchia Says
Some imported materials, goodly
Mercurial personality plus Fuchia
Like through the creative process, to inspire more imagination
Therefore, the majority of goods are all designed to "Only One"
After the sale, there is the opportunity to launch the same series of design models
But not necessarily each design, can be modeled before
Product has been sold, the 100% copy Oh!
Like the "unique" you / u
Find the same frequency design, please do not hesitate to Hello!
Small caution:
1. wire are consumables, and over time will inevitably lead to wear and tear,
Then returned to the store can change the line - in accordance with the different
Beautiful adjustment, charge a fee -
2. weekdays without wear, place jewelry put in sealed bags to save,
Beautiful jewelry can be more prolonged life Oh!
3. Each computer is different considerations may have a little color,
The actual physical commodity still dominated Oh ^^
4. Each bead is carefully selected, everyone has their own personality and beauty,
Not 100% identical, more representative of the original handmade Oh!
5. General working for about three to five days, if the case of special material shortage,
You need 7 to 14 days Oh! Beautiful worth the wait ~
Time-limited friends,
Please pay more assessment Oh!
6. bathe or engage in "any water-related activities" before, remember first
Remove jewelry Oh!

**maintenance mode**

Black oxidized brass is normal Oh!
Usually available copper wipe clean cloth dampened with water or toothpaste, brush,
Be sure to use a cloth after cleaning accessories [completely dry],
Recommended storage when not wearing a sealed zipper bag to save
You can make brass luster maintain longer Oh
Origin / manufacturing methods
Taiwan / Handmade


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