Cage is delicious or delicious

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Cage is delicious or delicious


**Product Description**
The use of one hundred percent without the addition of spices of the Japanese Yuzhi green tea and Belgian white chocolate made into a smart, joined the French to the Hongde salt flower and caramel out of the fragrance of tea, slightly bitter taste of adults in the mouth to melt, Miss it!

**Raw material**
France isgnyAOP certified salt-free cream, French isgny cream, 30% Belgian white chocolate, Japanese juvenile green tea powder, to the hood salt flower, sailor brand flour, organic soil eggs, sugar,

4.5 inches (diameter of about 11.5cm), rich taste, it is recommended 3-4 people to enjoy
※ Please buy by size, do not imagine Oh!
※ to promote environmental protection, the box are not attached knife and fork Oh!

**Worship period and consumption method**
3 days after receipt of goods for the best taste period, to be refrigerated
It is recommended to cut a small piece, one by one slowly taste :)

**Pick up the way**
Black cat low temperature frozen home (in order to reduce the probability of damage to the delivery process, please save after you can save Oh!)
★ black cat to provide the specified arrival time: 13:00 before, 14: 00-18: 00 before, if no special needs will be unified check the arrival of 13:00 before Oh! If you need to specify the time please specify in the remarks.
★ studio working hours 12: 00-18: 00, Monday to Friday shipping, holiday order orders slower, please forgive me!
★ single order over 2,000 yuan / or the same address a large tower can specify the arrival date (Tuesday to Saturday)
★ full of 3,000 yuan can enjoy free concessions Oh!
★ home delivery will be used in the tower around the periphery, shockproof material packing, the process will inevitably have some damage to the appearance of the situation, please accept and then set Oh!
★ a small amount of goods sent a higher rate of damage, please order the oil as much as possible after the receipt of the priority to confirm whether the box is complete, and the first time out of the box to confirm whether the damaged goods seriously, if there can be directly with the distribution staff , Or instantly take pictures back to us, we will contact the situation with the black cat follow-up matters Oh! thank you all

**Origin and manufacturing method**
Taiwan Kaohsiung, handmade


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