Pure handmade silver earrings series - sweet

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I lifted my sweet lollipop over my ears Despite the joys and sorrows of men, there is a glimpse of the moon I have bee


Pure handmade silver earrings series - sweet


【Handmade silver earrings series】

Sterling Silver Earrings is the most friend asked about the sale of goods, but also make us the most headache works.

Small earrings entirely hand-made, unlike the machine is generally exactly the same. For pairs of earrings that need to be paired, it takes more time to finish.

Every time making earrings, the same style will make several pairs of high-temperature welding will always make designer almost to the sea! Because the earrings are small, the solder joints are small, always hope their eyes can be closer to a few can see clearly.

A branch shape, a branch of the welding, a branch of the throwing repair, cleaning after the matchmaking ceremony, but also to check whether the companion is solid. A pair of earrings come hard-won, the launch of five pairs of carefully selected style dedicated to the long-awaited friends.


I lifted my sweet lollipop over my ears

Despite the joys and sorrows of men, there is a glimpse of the moon

I have been fearless again after the storm

Treat your own world with a smile

Because I have a candy that will never go away with me in the future


Pure silver earrings series of works are hand-made, each one is unique

Do not want to order two identical friends, this is absolutely impossible to reach.

There are any questions you can use the message to discuss with us, so as not to cause any trouble after you order.

Pure silver earrings handmade, throwing repair, so each finished a little slight difference, like pure handmade jewelry friends welcome to order.


Positive: about 0.3cm

Side: diameter of about 0.6 ~ 0.7cm


999 sterling silver +925 sterling silver

This series does not provide ear clip Oh!

Maintenance method

Silver jewelry exposed to the air for a long time easily discolored, with the jewelry will be attached to a silver polishing cloth

When the jewelry began to darken, you can wipe silver cloth.

The human body's oily, living temperature, humidity, are all factors that affect the discoloration of silver products;

We like to make jewelry with the owner's lifestyle change luster, which is the exclusive color.

Earrings jewelry unplugged when sleeping, so as not to mutate or break the ear acupuncture problems

It is said that if the wear silver jewelry is gradually black, on behalf of silver is absorbing the body of bad material.

Silver products from PonChi can be returned for maintenance. As long as the burden of freight can be ~ ~


Earrings will be buckled on the brand elevator carefully packed into the carton.

We will try our best to provide the safest delivery method. If we receive any damage caused by shipping, please be sure to contact us by message, and we will handle it immediately.


If you want to give gifts, please add the URL below to the shopping cart.

【production time】

Because the studio is currently only one designer, we will try to produce as soon as possible after the order, but still need 9-11 working days to ship, excluding holidays and delivery time.

Detailed production days and the time can be shipped, please use the message to discuss with us before deciding whether or not to set, so as not to cause your distress.

[Small service]

Want to deliver the gift on time, do not want to send it to a friend, you can consider our caring service - write a small card

Just tell us what you want to convey, and we will help you make a little card to express your full satisfaction.

Not limited to the amount, can let us write (but ... Please do not choose the font Oh> "<~), no additional charge.

【share it】

We like to do jewelry, but also like to see everyone wearing jewelry to give us the United States and the United States photo.

Share the guest photos collected in 2013, if you want to send back photos of friends, you can pass the message to us.

We will not take the initiative to use the photos on the appraisal without your permission.

【Fans group】

Like friends of our jewelry, please help us on the fan group by a like!

Your encouragement is the driving force behind our efforts, and I am extremely grateful for this ~> /// <

Search PonChi on Facebook, find out our brand LOGO, press the "Like" hard on the line Hello!

Looking forward to meet each time, our jewelry hopes to meet the owner who knows how to cherish.

[Send to China to use international transit service]

Museum of design temporarily unable to send works directly to China, you want to order friends can be purchased through the "international transit services."

If you want to confirm the service of "International Transhipment Service", please refer to the following website. Any questions can use the message to discuss with us Oh!

Origin / manufacturing methods
Taiwan handmade


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