Artists Series coaster - Cheng Rui Jun - lei (including Acrylic frame)


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  • Authorized artist Cheng Rui Jun teacher born in 1966, in order to experience blueprint for the creation of childhood, describing their love for nature, perhaps this is a lot of people bringing back memories of childhood! His works mostly flowers and birds mainly to rubber color as the main medium of color creation, using ink, meticulous, freehand, bake dyeing techniques and other solid painting work, describing the sentiment in real life, the nature of all things and for personal emotions and memories, it is the artist's self-expression mirroring the breath of life.
    Glue painting is an inherent element of oriental painting, polishing bright natural stones, rocks, minerals, precious metals and other animal glue boiled into powder to reconcile after blending is made, in effect can be rendered on the West, can be elegant and refined, available magnificent. In recent years in increasing plastic color art creators, Cheng Rui Jun teacher learning experiences in the past by virtue of ink, mechanized and painting techniques learned in oriental decorative aesthetic standpoint, and combined life experience, in order to convey the individual's inner state of mind, to establish their own style.
    Designers 张佑慈 artistic director Benny ode arts and culture Ltd., exhibition planning and cultural research is usually the main work of art, because art and culture look aesthetic education and Taiwan into everyone's life can implement life that is art, art That is life, everyone is a creation of the concept of home, and then authorize cooperation with Taiwan's artists, and the design of this series of cultural and creative goods, achieve the purpose of the promotion of art and culture, so that Taiwan artists have higher exposure, even is to increase everyone's understanding of art and identity, hoping headlong into a new generation of artistic and cultural life!
    The owl symbolizes good fortune, auspicious meaning, and glue colored oriental art and culture thousands of years has been one of the main mediums few people know, and grew large plastic color art Taichung is promoting the city, so special to Cheng Rui Jun teacher 2012 Owl series of plastic color creation as artwork, design in addition to practical functions, but also increased the artistic and cultural implications of ceramic coasters; after the authorized work drawing design process into a round, especially waterproof anti-UV attached to the absorbent material sprayed ceramic coaster, showing a rich layering of complete plastic painting unique, and this will not affect the special materials and absorbent coaster, and a special way to make ceramic firing more dense hole fine , forming an excellent water absorption, but also to the full version of the design for ceramic coasters, when used in used dried, become beautiful works of art, adding more arts and cultural atmosphere of the home, it is not just a living supplies coasters, but more sophisticated collection and re-use ceramic coasters can reduce the waste of resources, in order to reduce carbon emissions and make a contribution to environmental protection slightly. Let us follow the owl flew back to his childhood dream, let it come to protect us, pray for us!

    Eight ceramic coaster of symbolic meaning:
    Taiwan aboriginal Thao owl is considered a bird spirit, it is a symbol of good luck, and Bunun believe owl is a bird has ever been, for the patron saint of babies, it is fertile messenger, and in Greek mythology, the owl symbolizes wisdom; Cheng Rui Jun teacher The owl series of creative, oriental palace as the main story, with eight anthropomorphic character created eight very unique owl image, each with different symbols to render metaphor, worth a careful look.
    1. Emperor: an emperor, wearing a radiant rich purple, is a symbol of dignity and status, as the sun lead us to a brighter future.
    2. Rear: Queen is the mother of a country, with soft but resolute look, dressed in ornate shawl, like moonlight gentle care, shine our way forward is unknown.
    3. Wu: piercing eyes, hidden keen observation, body feathers like armor, sword poised behind him, ready to defend our stand.
    The plan: Cong Rui look a little mysterious, like body feathers and Tai Chi Ming fan, revealed the identity of the counselor, the yin and yang, he used five acts, tricks worldly things, protect us from invasion villain.
    5. Wake up: life is a dream, years in the old face depicts the experience, this bleary-eyed old man, like a revelation, to see everything all human, all take it easy.
    6. Mo Yan: This one favored with childish innocence, and contains vivid eyes, Chinese people always say: "Children have no mouth ear, to listen, to do more, talk less." Growth symbol of wisdom .
    7. Can: white domesticated hen plumage is pure naivete symbol, like cat eyes look weird and varied, this daughter of a little princess is always to bring you the most brilliant smile.
    8. according to: contact with beautiful, like baby cling to her mother, a warm and reassuring, always unfold the wings waiting for the return of their loved ones between flesh and blood, his family.

    * This product contains acrylic display stand! ! Coaster-containing cartons, but no additional packaging acrylic shelves and different is separate, give it away should make their own packed together Oh!
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Artists Series coaster - Cheng Rui Jun - lei (including Acrylic frame)

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