Waist Shorts: Guns roses: Italian system

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Waist Shorts: Guns roses: Italian system


[YOJIRO KAKE hang Yojiro _ Waist Shorts: Black and White: Italian system]
* Series *
Spring 2015 - Fashion Series Be Clothed in Prepubescent

* Commodity story *
High-waisted mini jumpsuit shorts, wide pockets on both sides, in addition to the pocket function, it can also pull out the inside to make a more playful style. This black and white otherwise chaotic grid * * cloth to choose from! See our Design Hall.

[YOJIRO KAKE hang Yojiro]
* Brand Introduction *
Brand studio is located in Florence, Italy (Firenze), designed for the Japanese nationals who Yojiro Kake hang Yojiro at the end of 2012 created its own brand, and Taiwanese designer Oka HuiYun Lin Lin Hui Yun co-operation. Currently selling point in the Italian entity Florence compound boutiques Bjork, Fly Fashion Loves You and La Gare 24, and in the independent design brand NotJustALabel and Asia's largest distribution center for online shopping platform PINKOI find us.

* Brand Style *
Favorite gentry tailoring of Yojiro good at using their skills to women, classic food items such as shirts, jackets, coats and other details can be seen everywhere from the uniforms of male finisher and ingenuity. Brand around as the child's dreamlike, so colorful Lan Man, anxiety confused atmosphere; people life is inspiration, often emotional side back in front of the new design makes Yojiro produce less the same idea, which is not good at speech Yojiro expressed through words designed to convey intracardiac process.

* Yojiro Kake hang Yojiro *
Yojiro graduated from Italian POLIMODA International Institute Fashion Design & Marketing study at the University Department of Fashion Design in 2012. Japan had YASUKO UEDA Technical College of Fashion and worked senior school play version with designers, however, the pursuit of the interests of reimbursing Yojiro garment industry is not keen, thus entering the teaching and design different styles POLIMODA again attend fashion design. Encourage and support POLIMODA principals, teacher Linda Loppa of the Antwerp Six, Yojiro graduation year began the development of independent brands, with blood and shy boy who Folly design, constructed with, insisted that a small world.

* Oka HuiYun Lin Lin Hui Yun *
2013 training in POLIMODA Fashion Styling, graduated from Shih Chien University, Department of Industrial Product Design School of Design, shoes, bags and textile design, package design worked in visual and bags, brief service in the restaurant field service and boutique stores. Yojiro know that was a chance encounter and its own brand at the pioneering stage, with the design of human blood and headstrong woman momentum, tube TV drama a small world.


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