Stereoscopic Printing - Boston Terrier Seal

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Stereoscopic Printing - Boston Terrier Seal


◆ Stereoscopic Printing - Boston Terrier (Red Bronze) Seal (Bronze) ◆ ◆ Brand introduction◆ Seed by mi is a brand founded in September 2013 by Hong Kong designer Sammi Tang and computer animator Khaki Lee. It creates beautiful pet accessories with 3D printing. Perhaps pets are only a small part of your life, but you are all about it. Xiaomao gave up all the love ❤ like a family member. However, it is often difficult to find custom pet accessories on the market. Seed by mi has a variety of models to choose from; customers can also provide photos and privately order your pet. Seed by mi understands that making a pet model with heart is not only an ornament, but also a love, a thought, and comfort. Each item is also a single product print, and then processed by hand, making time required. From design/computer modelling/polishing to coloring and packaging, all of them are made by the family and control the quality of the products. Three-dimensional printing is very suitable for a small amount of customization, in addition to reducing the waste of materials and resources, but also environmentally friendly materials. ◆ Make a short movie◆ ◆ Material ◆ Use new material Copperfill (80% red copper powder 20% corn glue) The finished product has a unique feel and is not as heavy/cold as all metal, but it is not too light/textured like plastic. 3D printed products have its unique horizontal texture, which is different from ordinary molded products. ◆ Color ◆ Red bronze ◆ Plasticization ◆ ▐ There are other dog options▐ 1. Poodle 2. Collie dog 3. Corgi 4. Pekingese 5. Dachshund (Dachshund) 6. Golden Retriever (Golden Retriever) 7. Pugs 8. Yorkshire Terrier 9. Shiba Inu 10. Charles Charles (King Charles) 11. Boston Terrier 12. Schnauzer 13. Bichon 14. Squirrel dog (Pomeranian) 15. Beagle 16. French Bull Dog 17. Bernese Mountain Dog 18. Butterfly (Papillon) 19. Chihuahua ◆ Production time ◆ Each work is booked before making Make about 10~14 days and send it 🔘 MIXED METAL WORKS PRECAUTIONS 🔘 - The metal powder is different from the all-metal, and the whole ring is glued by 20% corn glue. - The main ingredient is copper, the oxidation condition is normal. - Wet water, but the clothes must be dry after wetting so as not to cause rust. ◆ Shipping and Freight ◆ ▐ Hong Kong ▐ Free Shipping • SF Express • Self-Access (Write to any SF Express station) • 1~2 Days Delivery (Excluding holidays ) • After the goods are delivered to the courier company, they will immediately notify the buyer. The buyer can check the express mail by SF Express website ▐ Asian countries 基本 Basic postage • Hongkong Post surface mail / airmail • Guests are required to add a registered number to pay an extra HKD $15.5. The shipment must be signed by the recipient. Please provide your real name • 1~2 weeks delivery time ( Does not include holidays ▐ European countries 包 Package Registration Fees • Hongkong Post Airmail • Guests are required to pay the basic postage, the required expenses are listed in the international freight list. • The shipment must be signed by the recipient. Please provide the real name • 2 ~3 weeks delivery time (excluding holidays) ▐ In other countries, for example, there are no countries in the region that you want to reach. Please leave a message before ordering. ▐ Other shipping requirements If you require other courier companies (eg SF Express/DHL etc.), please leave a message before ordering. Shipping charges will be charged separately. ▲ Remarks ▲ Outside Hong Kong, delivery time may not be expected due to customs inspection ◆ Private Order ◆ Welcome to personally order your pet, please contact the designer directly for details and prices ▐ Pay attention to private order items▐ - Must provide enough pet photos or short clips - Waiting time and production time are relatively long (please confirm that the customized work is not ordered before ordering) - You must select and determine the appearance and shape of the pet when ordering (you can't change another 开始 after you start production!) - During the modeling process, a 3d model link will be provided to guests for 360-degree work and then given a review - Each work can be given twice as a comment opportunity (Reviews should be provided in one go! Please do not speak one today, one tomorrow) ◆ Origin / manufacturing methods ◆ 100% Made in Hong Kong / US Machinery & Technology / Dutch Materials


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