Banana Monkey circus ‧ concentrated brownies x2


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  • * This is a take two!

    ready! Three, two, one, play!

    Small Pang is <beans circus> headed niche, Saturday was his only show time, the circus, sitting full of children and adults waiting to see his performance.

    Shoop look, saw a small Pang skilled jumped ball, holding the stick juggling, spinning gorgeous white plate.

    Outsize audience applause, so that the old experience of small Pang, unconsciously raised his chin, revealing that: "I am powerful!" Expression. He knew the background of the elephants, peacocks and seals, always secretly worshiped him, put him as the only idol.

    "Mom, monkeys yeah!" Came a distant little girl cheers!

    "I'm not a monkey general, I'm a monkey king!" Pang turned small, little girls want to look at his powerful ── throw throw plates, which move, but he took advantage of everyone asleep, secretly exercise super techniques.

    "Wow ~" throw a small Pang, surprised the audience Qi loud sound.

    At this time, the little girl in the hands of something, to attract the attention of small Pang ── "Banana thick chocolate brownie!"

    "I want to eat! It's full of rich chocolate, wrapped in sweet bananas monolithic piece, ultra-moist texture, the thought will drool, charming aroma accompanied by bitter sweet, so I do not want to miss a finger ....... "Pang took his little finger into his mouth and began to imagine the happiness eat brownies.

    ㄎ ㄧ ang bang, white plate falling to the ground, into a piece of broken glass .......

    Small Pang frustrating to step down, and soon came peacock passing, loss came to a man tears.


    "Let us once again welcome everyone's favorite small Pang." Host with the microphone and shouted the name of small Pang.

    "How you do that?" Pang little thought. He was drawn to the shoulder, silently took the stage.

    "Little Pang, Happy Birthday!" Peacock open screen, the words written on the big screen. Hung a bunch of bananas on the elephant's trunk, head and seals, is just wore a little girl.

    "Monkey, for you to eat." The little girl stuck out a candle, "Banana dense chocolate brownies," into the hands of small Pang.

    It turned out that we still love him, still remember his birthday.

    Small Pang finished weeping, laughing, "Banana thick chocolate brownies," which is the best in his life eaten dessert, absolutely yes.

    Product specifications:
    Name: Monkey circus ‧ Banana concentrated chocolate brownies x2
    Portfolio: Banana Chocolate Brownie six inches thick x2
    Ingredients: natural fermented cream, whipped cream, fresh eggs, fresh bananas, bittersweet chocolate, cocoa powder, flour, sugar
    Shelf life: stored at room temperature for about 3 to 4 days, about 5 days refrigerated (refrigeration will taste more solid, follow climate and favorite taste after eating ice retreat.)
    Date of manufacture: orders to do now
    * Custard prime edible

    Edible Description:
    1. Lazy eat: direct tasting room temperature, or removed from the refrigerator 15 to 20 minutes of ice retreat can enjoy (in accordance with the seasonal temperature or slightly different, the summer ice retreat faster, slower winter ice retreat!)
    2. diners eat: Heat the oven for about 5 minutes (microwave heating for about 20 to 30 seconds), plus a spoonful of ice cream!
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Banana Monkey circus ‧ concentrated brownies x2

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