[Soap] Leian Bo warm brown sugar ginger shampoo soap. Natural Ginger essential oils │ winter essential

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[Soap] Leian Bo warm brown sugar ginger shampoo soap. Natural Ginger essential oils │ winter essential


https://cdn.qdm.com.tw/q55a930d3e7b0f/image/data/2016/12/01/e41216c3ffee6523a5d61c8695154f9d.jpg With brown sugar and ginger powder into this soap soap shampoo for oily hair, scalp oil-prone. After the encounter hot body soap, exudes a hint of ginger and cinnamon flavor, is part of the charm of a mature adult. 【ingredient】 Coconut oil, brown rice oil, castor oil, camellia oil, brown sugar, ginger oil Soap [Weight] 100g ± 5% [Shelf Life] 18 months ** Leian Bo full range of soap, Tyan has insured 10 million product liability insurance. Let hi Aileianbai you buy peace of mind, ease of use. https://qdm-1459.kxcdn.com/q55a930d3e7b0f/image/data/2015/12/21/75504af9a9726fa17e2ed33e41068e0e.jpg Everyone on the adaptation of different shampoo soap, shampoo and soap under the premise selected for their hair, the hair sticky feeling on the principle of adaptation period of about 2 to 4 weeks, depending on hair length and extent of the damage and have different hair . After the adaptation period spent every shampoo gradually will not feel sticky feeling, replaced by a very refreshing scalp very "loose" feeling comfortable. Rinse with citric acid [How?] Shampoo and soap pick one to use, some people use after scalp feeling fresh and comfortable, some people will feel that the hair becomes sticky, dry. There are two reasons, one is because the sinking soap shampoo formulation is not suitable for your hair and scalp (for example: oily hair, dry hair with a hair soap); The second is because the metal material with water to form soap shampoo soap scum, attached to the hair cuticle. Then you can flush with water or vinegar or citric acid rinse, to wash away the sticky feeling on the hair. How rinse? 1. citric acid rinse Citric acid is a colorless, odorless granular crystals, available in chemical materials line, supermarket, bakery materials shop. Citric acid and water soaked 1:10, modulation in advance large amount in order to facilitate subsequent use. 2. vinegar rinse Whether it vinegar, apple cider vinegar, white vinegar, etc. can, vinegar and water ratio of 1:10, vinegar is a natural food, shall before each shampoo modulation, so as not to spoil. 3. Rinse the lemon juice Lemon juice or own pressure concentrated lemon juice may be commercially available, there will be a touch of lemon hair after use, shall, before each shampoo modulation, so as not to spoil. Choose one of three ways described above, the hair may be installed in the rinse water in the basin, and then rinse the hair into the basin; short hair rinse may directly on the hair rinse water washout. Rinse Rinse program with the general method, the use then rinse with water. Origin / manufacturing methods Made in Taiwan handmade


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