[Hank] Hank coffee coffee New Guinea PNG New Guinea PNG

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[Hank] Hank coffee coffee New Guinea PNG New Guinea PNG


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New Guinea, located on the east Indonesian archipelago, the island in 1927 transplanted from Jamaica Arabica species
Emperor Bikaner coffee tree, regarded as a descendant of the Blue Mountains, and in 1975 in Brazil in a chilling injury, opened the
New Guinea's coffee market, around the Hagen mountains surrounding coffee trees, so high quality, particle
Plump acidity lighter, there is a great variety of taste, a special flavor of pasture, the land of coffee trees, mostly from
Arabica species in Jamaica than the Emperor card (Typical Arabica), regarded as a descendant of the Blue Mountains.

Product: New Guinea PNG
Cuisine: Southeast Asia is located near Oceania, its characteristic coffee beans have great differences with Asia, closer to the island flavor, soft and smooth texture and clean acidity coffee meticulous, from high to low temperature Jieyou different taste. Bright and clean fragrance of sweet fruit of good quality coffee, sweet and special touch of Aging wine, red wine seems like a supple texture, choking finish around Liao

Baked beans division: Hank

City & Guilds City & Guilds International UK Barista Authority Review Manager
SCAE (Speciality Coffee Association of Europe) Coffee Diploma System
2013 SCAE coffee beans Evaluation level of certification (Level-1)
2013 SCAE coffee roasting master level of certification (Level-1)
2013 SCAE coffee sensory evaluation level of certification (Level-1)
2013 SCAE Gold Cup extraction theory primary and secondary certification (Level-1, Level-2)
2012 SCAE Barista European Fine Coffee Association certification (Level-1, Level-2)
2014 SCAE Gold Cup European Fine Coffee Association, barista, coffee Appreciation three examiners

Intimate small caution:
■ immediately after the opening into opaque container, if we achieve better vacuum, and the container is placed in a cool dry place.
■ After opened, within two months after use is recommended to ensure the quality of drinking coffee.
■ beans can save the fridge? If the usual manner using a cold coffee bean grinder, extraction, extraction temperature is lower than usual, the coffee will taste fades, the aroma will diminish. Also the rest of the bag of coffee beans will follow deteriorate. Because when you open the packaging will bear the cold fog, transient increases water bag of coffee beans, beans and immediately opened the bag to remove the sealed opening, this alone will increase one percent moisture, originally intended to save time, but instead accelerated coffee beans deteriorated.


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