gujui Love Giraffe (gray) - Organic cotton trousers

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gujui Love Giraffe (gray) - Organic cotton trousers


Experience beautiful organic cotton, soft, breathable 100% GOTS certified organic cotton No formaldehyde, no heavy metals US imports of fabric designer Cotton Origin: India Made in Taiwan gujui baby shipper and invoice sent together with the goods, You need to be separated if this invoice sent shall fill "registration" Postage 25 yuan Oh! ! Please click [fill postage - send another invoice] Add to Cart ~ Choose organic cotton Cotton symbolizes: pure, natural, soft. But facts show that the traditional cotton growing, the use of pesticides is one of the largest crops in the world. Cotton growing only 3% of the world's arable land, but uses 16% and nearly 7% of the world's total pesticides herbicides. The most commonly used 10 kinds of cotton pesticides in nine species are categorized as the history of the most toxic chemical pesticides, three of them by the World Health Organization as harmful to human health. EPA believes that the most commonly used 15 kinds of pesticides there are seven possible carcinogen. gujui use only 100% by gots (GOTS) certified organic cotton, organic farming not only start mining from raw cotton, the entire production process, including spinning, knitting, dyeing, printing, have insisted on strict compliance with GOTS certification. Choose organic cotton, organic cotton, you can feel good, pure, soft, breathable, while reducing health and damage the Earth's ecosystem. It protects farmers away from exposure to chemicals, protection of water systems and, more sustainable support for the future of agriculture. Organic cotton non-genetically modified cotton seed, without the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides, to adopt safe, natural ways of growing, such as crop rotation, organic fertilizers, manual weeding instead of the use of herbicides, and the introduction of beneficial insects such as Scoop suppress insect pests exist. Organic cotton does not use conventional cotton pesticide residues in the process of planting, avoid exposure to chemical substances due to allergic dermatitis, organic cotton baby would be a safer choice Although compared to the general cotton prices, but if you affordable organic cotton, let us choose organic baby our baby, baby this land. Certified organic cotton means: Without pesticides Herbicide No chemical fertilizers Non-GM Non-toxic, carcinogenic chemicals Free of heavy metals Formaldehyde-free Without chlorine bleach


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