Stephen Chow series _ the king of good weapons folding stool Vintage army green long T

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Stephen Chow series _ the king of good weapons folding stool Vintage army green long T


/ Commodity Description and story /
Stephen Chow is our series following the "king of weapons: folding stool T" hot money after
Stephen Chow movie clips classic first assembly is made to think creative series
We hope that through this series, the Stephen Chow movie plot and funny designs do combine SHIT
Creative clothing to Taiwan a deep impact on the peripheral comedy dialogue to express our highest respect!
Let us together to pay tribute to Yeh!

The good king arms folding stool!
Yeh for the movie "God of Cookery" the most well-known weapon
Iron Chef is "Steven Week" after "Chinese Cuisine Training Institute," after studies
Faced with "Tang cattle" attacks when participating in the Iron Chef competition
18 Bronzemen carefully tuned secret weapon resorted

"Good folding stool! Folding stool subtleties that it can be hidden in houses among readily available, you can also sit it to hide the beholder, even if caught by the police can not tell you. Really worthy of the seven weapons the first - "
by Iron Chef contest judge __ Nancy Sit (flavor princess)

This hot models denominated "king of weapons: folding stool T" for the design of blue
For lovers of fall and winter with the launch of
Engraved version of the long T
A special army green showing engraved feeling
Flocking material amplified with folding stool design
And a special thin material
Let the love of friends more easily in the autumn and winter wear easily match
Before miss "King of weapons: folding stool T" and the grief of friends
Do not miss Hello ~

/ Detailed Description Size /
[Female S] clothing is about 61 cm to about 34 cm Shoulder │ │ │ chest width 40 cm sleeve length 60 cm
[Female M] clothing is about 63 cm to about 37 cm Shoulder │ │ │ chest width 43 cm sleeve length 61 cm
[M S] clothing is about 66 cm to about 42 cm Shoulder │ │ │ chest width 48 cm sleeve length 66 cm
[M M] clothing is about 69 cm to about 45 cm Shoulder │ │ │ chest width 51 cm sleeve length 67 cm
[M L] clothing is about 72 cm to about 47 cm Shoulder │ │ │ chest width 54 cm sleeve length 68 cm

/ Material /
100% cotton

/ Operate and maintain /
Recommendations negative washing

/ Designers and brand profile /
[SHIT] is "Spectacular Humble In Taiwan from Taiwan's unique introverted" abbreviation brand name, in 2008, July 8 by the social observers in Japan, Tokyo's MJ Jack initiated creative led. Unique restrained from Taiwan for the demands keen observation of Taiwanese society unique "hybrid mix" (Hybrid) culture, style, and pop, fusion United States Department of comfortable texture, Japanese exquisite tailoring, traditional Chinese culture, and Taiwanese consciousness, [SHIT] for the design of the spindle, emphasizing simple (simple), humor (humor), creative (idea), and Taiwan (Taiwan) concepts to the international market to build a part of Taiwan's own clothing brand.

2009 formally assigned to Vincent Fang "This" Tide brand fashions and Taiwan each path;
10 years and this cooperation also in the left camp store Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Kaohsiung initiative "which also xS.HIT" dual-brand joint counters, and good design with Kyrgyzstan and long-term cooperation stationed in Kaohsiung Pier - 2 Art;
11 selected to participate in the beginning of the 33rd Tokyo, Japan Design Exhibition Design Festa, and agreed ETTV scoop;
12 returned home early to create the first brand Direct composite clothing store [SH] Tainan headquarters and agreed to Apple Daily reported full-length "Love Taiwan T-shirt" business story;
13 early development to open a second store in Taipei, Ximending in neoWEST landmark mall store was established in Taipei [SH].

Currently overseas path has been extended to Melbourne, Australia.

Origin / manufacturing methods
Made in Taiwan


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