Charlene sterling silver hand-made -*elegant arc square pendant necklace - small*

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Charlene sterling silver hand-made -*elegant arc square pendant necklace - small*


*/ commodity description and story /* The basic shape of the square arc elegant curves grace shuttle u collar */ size, specifications, size /* _ Square side length 0.9CM_ Drill_16 "Silver clavicle chain (for change 18" silver chain, please inform) _ _ This works sizes, large size oh this page _ _ Optional silver chain hole in the middle of the corner or side of the line at both ends _ */ material /* _925 _ Silver pendant & 925 Silver Chain */ maintenance mode & Warranty /* _ Wear is the best maintenance, please wear when no silver polishing cloth after zipper bag in the accompanying and air separation _ _ Silver polishing cloth attached with the goods 'quality thick folder chain bag' packaging _ _ Can touch the water, take a shower, but still try to avoid touching the cleaner, so as not to accelerate oxidation jewelry _ _ Avoid swimming 'sea' spa _ It offers free maintenance (postage pays) _ within a year, or one year after the charge a service fee _ _ _ Silver chain is not within the scope of warranty */ Remarks /* _ Photos due to conditions or onscreen pictures and have a little color, but does not affect silver jewelry soft moist sheen texture Oh ~ _ _ Each piece is handmade designer figured it out bit by bit, can not as neat as the machine production, but also how much there will be handmade signs, but designers will try to make works of Mimi, from people who would like to receive jewelry, hand-made feel temperatures Oh ~ _ */ production & Send time /* _ Sterling silver hand-made ornaments are produced after the orders are sent in principle 7-14 days, if urgent sure prior communication oh ~ _ */ Remarks matters subject to prior /* _ Choose 16 "or 18" chain length _ Need ribbon packaging _ _ _ Gifts to write a small card and write content (handwritten) _ _ Silver chain hole in the side line of a corner or intermediate ends? _ Origin / manufacturing methods Taiwan handmade _ _