Bunny jumping crawling mats - Provence

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Jumping Rabbit Taiwan non-toxic baby crawling mat (no formamide, no plasticizer, no eight heavy metals)


Bunny jumping crawling mats - Provence


**♥ Bunny Jumping Cushion - Provence (Made in Taiwan)**
**♥ Product Features**
• Relief process: a new EVA environmentally friendly materials, food-grade safety standards
• high regulation test: no formazan, no plasticizer, no eight heavy metals
• Thicker thickness: to enhance the sound insulation and improve the cushioning impact
• Slope edge: intimate design to prevent tripping
• Large teeth design: increase the difficulty of the baby into the mouth
• High-density joints: not easy to card dust, easy to clean

**♥ Common Q & A**
**Q.EVA material mat common situation:**
**A.**Edge color depth Condition: Since the edge of the process for the great piece of floor mats together with dyeing, after cutting for the edge of the strip, so there may be eating a different degree of condition. The mat slippery cross-engraved lines with a shading effect (shallow concave; convex deep), with the edge of dark tones, easier to identify by the naked eye.
Mats gap: rabbit jumping mats EVA foam material belonging to the same principle of bread fermentation. Therefore, the mat in the foam process, there may be some slight differences (± 1mm), and between the mats or between the emergence of a slight level or uneven seam.
The above is a normal condition rather than a flaw in the EVA mat for children. Bunny jump Check the gatekeeper in the inspection process, without affecting the use and safety and security principles, the rabbit jump will not discard the mats, in order to avoid wasting Earth resources. If you can not accept this potential situation, it is recommended not to buy Oh!

**Q. Does the rabbit jumping mat comply with the relevant laws and regulations of Taiwan government?**
**A.**yes. For the sake of high safety quality, each batch of rabbits jumping to contain the sample to the completed production of goods, are sent to the government-accredited laboratory testing to ensure that safety standards are met. After the commodity is completed, the Commodity Inspection Bureau shall be notified to the factory for random sampling and testing. After so many sophisticated tests, it will be confirmed that the product meets the requirements of Taiwan government without methamphetamine, plasticizer and heavy metal reaction.
**(Note 1)**Rabbit jumping chooses TCC Lab appointed by Taiwan Commodity Inspection Bureau because the Chinese report issued by TCC can make consumers understand clearly.
**(Note 2)**Rabbit jump safety mats inspection certificate, are attached to the product page description, for consumers a detailed review.

**Q. What should I do before I receive a new floor mat?**
**A.**Please wipe with water, placed in a ventilated place to be used after the natural air-dried. It is not advisable to use detergents containing chemical and disinfectant ingredients to avoid possible damage to the mats and to prevent chemical and disinfectant-containing detergents from remaining on the mats for indirect contact or licking of the baby.

**Q. Why is the new floor mat?**
**A.**This is the raw material odor from the EVA material itself. Rabbit jump safety mats are the relevant units of Taiwan government regulations, do more off testing, confirm the safety of qualified and issued certification, so the smell is not from the adverse substances. Rabbit jumping products, security by the conscience check guarantee, please feel at ease for the baby to use. If you can not accept any smell of safety mat, it is recommended not to buy.

**♥ Origin / manufacturing methods**
Origin: Taiwan


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