Change short clip (card position x7 change bag x1 banknote layering x2 custom lettering)

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Card position x7, coin pocket x1, banknote layering x2, with such a high-profile configuration, Incredibly, the wallet is still simple and light! (Please refer to the printing introduction for the lettering)



unsimple-life ショップへ

Change short clip (card position x7 change bag x1 banknote layering x2 custom lettering)


Extremely lightweight change short clip:

New leather の change short clip:

|Work introduction|

"The unique skin feeling worth having"
Incredibly, we have our own unique leather designed and manufactured.
It has a warm touch that is unforgettable and easy to forget.
It has the most beautiful color changing process
It can bring you an unprecedented quality of life

"over expectations"
We added 3 card layers to the banknote layer.
A simple configuration that maintains the appearance of the wallet in 3 card layers
Pursuing greater needs under beautiful conditions
Another ingenuity is
We also set up a separate skin on the banknote layer.
Can be used to separate different banknotes
Simultaneous placement of a proximity card

"Meeting greater demand"
The wallet has 9 card slots. We design through the T-shaped card slot and the ductility of the leather after the experiment, so that the card slot can hold 2+ card amount.

"Simple short clips that tend to be flat"
Open wallet
a simple geometry that approaches the plane
nice! !

"Unsimple's thinness"
We don't want to use a very obvious design to make the wallet thin
Because the work has a clear design, it is not so simple.
And this wallet we use a design that is not easily found
Let the wallet be lighter than other wallets
(Picture left: The design picture of this wallet is right: its wallet is generally designed on the market)
We design the card slot layer between the inner layer and the outer layer of leather. When you put a lot of cards, just borrow a bit of space from the banknote to fill the original gap, and it will not let the wallet expand.

|Printing Services|

"Free Printing Service"
*Print information should be left in the order note (all remarks)
*The font is unified using the unsimple body designed by the team.
* English 9 letters contain spaces, it is recommended to match case or all lowercase (all uppercase fonts are not effective)
* Available symbols only (& / . - )
It takes a little time to read the picture, please be patient:)

"Pay lettering service"
Beauty, between the raised text on the leather and the light that creates multiple levels of haze and lightness
We hope that customized lettering is more than a message aesthetic.
This is the unique way of unsimple customization.
(The embossing is limited to 5 characters in English)
*Manual imprinting is inevitable with some microindentation, disappearing after a while
Plus purchase URL:
(If necessary, put them into the shopping cart separately and then combine them to checkout)

*If you use 7-11 to deliver the mail, the system often misses the newsletter notice, please pay close attention to the shipping status.
* Due to different colors of the screen, shooting lights and other factors, it is inevitable that there will be color difference, please consider clearly
* There are photos in the evaluation, because the products are constantly updated, some are the old color, design and lighting color difference
Everything based on the product page
*If you need to purchase a lot of the goods in the library, please put them into the shopping cart separately and then combine the checkout to save the freight.
*The cowhide itself will have natural scratches, we will try to avoid it, but it is not 瑕疵

| Specifications |
Ruler: 23.5cm x 9cm
Specifications: card position *7 change bag *1 banknote layering *2


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