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  • From Europe Poland brand First baby shoes

    <Irrigated with love handmade shoes>
    Look forward to the birth of the baby mothers who,
    Ever wanted to help prepare a unique baby gift?
    Polish designer when the mother after seeing the mothers' needs,
    Founded First baby shoes, handmade shoes designed a multi-series DIY group,
    Provide good quality soles, breathable leather, stitching, etc.,
    Mommy can easily get started, the baby's first pair of shoes produced ~

    However, not every mom has a baby free DIY hand-stitched shoes,
    First baby shoes in addition to the DIY shoe designed soft bottom soft sole series,
    Novice busy taking care of baby Mommy, no hands DIY, you can direct the first hands for baby to purchase the shoes.

    Fall 2015, the latest series soft sole moccasin!

    ★ folk style moccasin shoes, small explorers also very stylish!
    ★ shoes are made of high quality durable soft leather production, leather Breathable not hot
    ★ latex foam insole material, little feet provide perfect protection
    ★ suede soles, non-slip grip and enough dry indoor and outdoor use of either

    <Best of births ceremony>
    Little kids about 7 to 9 months, began to learn the station, around age began to learn to go,
    First baby shoes are both beautiful and practical gift Best indemnity month!

    Moccasin soft sole series with high texture gift packaging ~

    Mommy would like to receive a gift of love, gifts of friends happy satisfied!

    <An Answer>
    1. How to measure baby's foot length?
    Baby foot heel like adults, come in the evening than in the morning a large amount, we suggest that the amount of night before bed.
    The baby feet flat on the piece of paper, a pen make a mark at the tip of the longest toe and the heel,
    And then measure the distance between the two marks can remember two feet all amount to a longer length feet to choose shoes ~
    Proposes to set aside about 0.5cm ~ 1cm length (no more than 1.5cm) baby feet room to grow!

    Size First baby shoes in soft soles provided are S, M, L three kinds
    S: 9.5 cm ~ 10.5 cm
    M: 10.6cm ~ 11.8cm
    L: 11.9cm ~ 13cm
    9 to 15 months of babies feet long is about the average in the range of 10 ~ 12cm.
    Refer to Size Comparison Table:

    2. Why First baby shoes shoes so soft?
    In fact, the best baby learning to walk barefoot!
    Just learning the baby's feet not completely stop the development of complete, not suitable for hard bottom shoes,
    First baby shoes baby first shoe designed primarily
    Avoid standing or leaning on baby walking scratched the ground hard,
    And the baby away from home is also a need to match the colorful clothing SHOES!
    Baby feet can touch the ground through the thin soles (such as barefoot-like).
    Material soft bottom shoes are more suitable for beginners station & walking instability baby ~

    3. Why soft soles without Velcro design, the better to help the baby shoes?
    Because this time the baby is very fond of pulling things,
    Velcro design baby could not wear shoes!
    Soft shoes need Mommy distraction hand was better set into the oh ~

    4. The need to wear socks?
    Soft sole leather shoes breathable body, do not worry about smelly, do not wear socks to wear,
    (See weather conditions can be added to wear socks to keep warm)!

    5. partakers left foot?
    Soft sole pattern is somewhat different design left foot, Mommy glance look out the left foot -
    The same pattern design of the shoes left foot zone is not required,
    Shoes of this period mainly to soft and comfortable + beautiful,
    No functional distinction between left and right foot.

    <Cleaning mode>
    Do not machine wash or dry to avoid the destruction of handmade shoes Oh,
    You can use natural mild oil with a dry cloth shoes, light cleaning, to avoid damage to the shoe color.

    1. The hand-sewn shoes might not be as smooth machine made, mind, please choose the machine made shoes
    Origin / manufacturing methods
    Europe Poland / hand-sewn
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[European system] moccasin Adventure -First baby shoes handmade leather soft bottom toddler shoes / indoor shoes - camel Beads

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