P.Seven Ming cream soap / Beauty Soap Royal / Qin lemon mint soap ▲ [3 paragraph optional]


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    Simple method of packaging, Love the Earth!
    Chu rounding precious bark paper packaging, unique pattern soap, still revealing a different face.

    [3 optional]: P.Seven Ming Cream soap (sold) / Royal beauty soap / Qin lemon mint soap

    In "tea" as the main, the "Taiwan spring", "tea seed oil" and "lemon tea", etc. into the soap in the shower time, and reproduce in Taiwan to better breath, wiped exhausting day.

    ◆ Ming Cream soap (sold out)

    ► spring creative perfumers ╳ Taiwan
    ► cream base ╳ quality of pure mild
    ► classic Ming Marseille Soap new evolution: a more solid body soap, increased use of cycle

    Taiwan's creative "spring" and "Taiwan cypress wood" as the main inspiration for the perfume perfumer technology presents elegant atmosphere Taiwan material, do not add inexpensive chemical scent skin and respiratory irritation, light sweet smell of healing.
    Reconcile the olive oil, the best ratio of hazelnut oil and cream, delicate bubbles gently washed, especially suitable for dry muscle.
    * Leave France and Taiwan professional perfumer perfumery raw materials in line with international flavors and fragrances associations daily IFRA norms.

    Use: Clean the face and body, removable makeup
    The application of skin: dry * General ╱ ╱ area for dry and cold season use
    Ingredients:....... Hazelnut olive oil shea butter coconut oil, palm oil Bincho charcoal powder ink cream tea fragrance.
    Weight: 100g
    Date of manufacture: 2016/7
    Ripening Date: 2016/8
    Shelf life: 2018/8

    ◆ Royal Beauty Soap: bath wash creamy Qingchi

    ► Taiwanese tea seed oil (camellia oil) moisturizing anti-dry, very skin-friendly
    ► charming soothe wakeup female energy
    ► for Deep Cleansing Cleansing ╱ dry muscle

    Delicate soft foam, with a touch lazy atmosphere
    Quite similar to Ecstasy incense "Yilanyilan" Zuo quiet neroli and rose geranium smell noble Shen Ya

    Purpose: deep cleansing Cleansing ╱ ╱ ╱ body hair, the need for deep cleaning and dry scalp muscle
    Ingredients: camellia oil, shea butter, coconut oil, palm oil, neroli oil, geranium oil, ylang ylang oil, pink slime, micro pearl powder, water
    Skin Type: General ╱ for dry
    Weight: 100g
    Date of manufacture: 2016/7
    Ripening Date: 2016/8
    Shelf life: 2018/8
    Qin lemon mint soap: Open a fresh green morning bath

    ► lemon mint fragrance green ╳
    ► Inspired by drinking lemon tea as a refreshing swim in the summer childlike
    ► Qinliang comfortable releasing sticky heat

    Lime with mint aroma Qinliang in midsummer sun sun, wind surge hit the green, feel more comfortable with Qinliang.
    Sweet almond oil + jojoba oil soothe sensitive fragile balance and stability, skin sebum, gentle wash, along with the smell of fresh lemon bath.

    Ingredients: pure olive oil, coconut oil, palm oil, sweet almond oil, jojoba oil, green tea powder, nettle leaf powder, menthol, lemon essential oil.
    Applicable skin: combination / oily, oily scalp shampoo is also suitable for use
    Note: Add the mint, mint and cold-sensitive people, please note that discretion, if accidentally ran into a lot of eyes, please flush.
    Weight: 100g
    Date of manufacture: 2016/7
    Ripening Date: 2016/8
    Shelf life: 2018/8

    Handmade Teacher Education Institute of Higher Order with British ASET aromatherapist licenses, standard soap technology create a high quality soap, in line with the provisions of the Health Bureau of production equipment and standard operating procedures.
    Made in Taiwan ╱ 100% hand made Yan

    ▲ Special note:
    1. due to hand soap does not add additional foaming agent, foaming can not have a lot of action, so please be totally in the hands of the foaming scrub the scalp.
    2. The soap can be used whole body, including the scalp Jieke cleaning, according to personal skin type and skin condition discretionary manner

    ▲ Packing:
    1. Paper selection Chu paper bark, bark and whole because the whole paper handsheets more precious! Is also Taiwan's National Palace Museum to repair the ancient painting and calligraphy paper, the team packs & stamp!
    2. Each piece of soap just cooked naked as that wrapped opp cellophane wrapped natural gas rates, in order to avoid fresh scent fugitive! Soaps will continue in opp bag evaporation of water, some soap surface will appear as a white powder is normal, Do not worry.
    3. Non-returnable opened opp cellophane

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    **Spot! Shipped the same day!**(Excluding holidays)

    / Logistics Time Description
    (Day on shipments counted)
    * Family / 7-11 to pick up (the island of Taiwan 48hr shop to shop / outer islands postponed a day)
    * Post Office (Taiwan 1-2 days) Please refer to the actual arrival date logistics official page descriptions
    * Pick up seven days to make payment limitations, please within seven days after the next set to store pick.
    * Pick up some of the goods without providing payment services.
    * Overseas shipping with China Post general air (about 7-14 days arrive at different times in each country)
    * For overseas shipping fast (2-4 days), please look up the cost of private information
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P.Seven Ming cream soap / Beauty Soap Royal / Qin lemon mint soap ▲ [3 paragraph optional]

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