Pink crystal | brass natural stone bracelet


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    Powder crystal -
    Enhance the popularity, to help pursue and grasp the love, enjoy the gems of love.

    Metal: brass, alloy
    Bead size: 6mm
    Hand: custom
    Natural powder crystal high temperature easy to make the color white, please try to avoid long-term sun
    (All made of Japanese silk elastic line)

    Pink crystal (Furong crystal)
    Can enhance the love of transport, but also help people, can be more caring, and make calm mood calm down.

    // Bracelet size //

    Measuring method:
    1, the use of cloth feet around the want to wear bracelet position, paste can see the size (cm)
    2, no cloth can be used inelastic rope or paper measurement, as around a circle on the ruler to see the size (cm)

    Be sure to measure the size of the "just" patch, do not deliberately tighten or reserve the size.
    We will make the size of just comfortable to wear

    After placing the order, please be sure to choose the correct hand size, to avoid receiving the size of substandard goods
    (If less than 14 cm or greater than 19 cm, please inform the designer after the order to produce)

    Spring lazy | natural stone hand
    Four seasons balance the natural harmony,
    Warm and warm and pleasant flowers in full bloom, ask the winter cold
    Look forward to the warmth of spring into the works, with a variety of hand-made accessories will warm to convey to everyone.

    Every work is a gift, with a hope and expectations, to their own or beloved people, will be warm in the heart, with a relaxed and happy pace to write your story.

    - Hand-made jewelry -
    The use of pro-selected natural stone and a variety of media production,
    Give each piece of work a personality, a story.
    Regardless of men and women, everyone can find suitable for their own accessories.

    **Like the style would like to change into no fall, change pendant or sterling silver accessories and customization can be private inquiry!**
    🔸 natural stone are prepared for my own pro-election, it is difficult to see a mold on the outside of the same theme works.
    🔸 natural ore each is different, there may be ice crack, cotton, different lines and gradient, like everyone has a different story, can accept a friend again under the order.
    🔸 customization prices according to the material and the different types of ore will be an additional offer, welcome message.

    Spring lazy |

    First, avoid contact with perfume, chemical solution, soap and human sweat. After a lot of sweat it is recommended to use a little water to wipe the bracelet and then dry to save, to extend the product life.

    Second, to avoid collision with the hard objects.

    Third, there is no wear, try to place in the folder with the folder or jewelry box box, in order to avoid friction with each other to produce cracks.

    Fourth, the metal material (alloy / brass / sterling silver) is the phenomenon of oxidation is normal, wearing a long time will produce partial retro color tone.

    5, brass or silver jewelry after wearing, should be soft cloth / wipe silver cloth wipe, placed in the folder chain bag to avoid residual dirt or due to contact with the air and oxidation black.

    Six, leather products or try not to touch the water is better, leather goods touch the water after the perishable, if not accepted please consider!

    Seven, hand jewelry are a certain quality, but do not deliberately pull, or will cause damage to the goods broken.
    Bracelet to enjoy three months warranty, all made in Japan made of elastic line, if the unfortunate rope broken, as long as the pendant and stone together to send back to the studio, will immediately send you back!
    ◮ do not charge maintenance fees, but need to pay back and forth shipping (including return postage 40 yuan to the studio can be)
    If you need to fill the missing stones or pendants, you will need to charge additional materials and modifications (depending on the material and quantity)

    Origin of Taiwan handmade
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Pink crystal | brass natural stone bracelet

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