:: Daily Jewels :: single drop section Tourmaline Tourmaline Silver bare sense necklace / clavicle chain (pink, large)


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    * These tiny faceted teardrop tourmaline briolettes express a refreshing look on dainty 1mm sterling silver chains. Even the visible natural inclusions of them add a bit of flavor to the simple design. *

    ** [Product Code Product Code] **

    ** ** [Material Description Description]
    + 925 Silver Chain
    + 925 or 999 silver wire ** (hardness lower than the average silver alloy wire, be sure to avoid pulling, pressure, recesses) **
    + Natural tourmaline Tourmaline: ** 11 x 9 x 6.5 mm **, pink color cast a bit deeper.

    * Scientific name tourmaline, is hexagonal, the hardness of 7 - 7.5, is a component of a very complex cyclic silicate minerals, a wide range of food items, mainly characterized by the element boron, then magnesium, lithium, sodium, iron, potassium, aluminum, manganese and other trace metal elements, according to the proportions of the different show different colors, such as: colorless, pink, red, blue, green, yellow, brown and black, and so on. Tourmaline gemstones each one depending on clarity, color, size, cut, etc., to show the attitude is different, of course, price is also very different from the level. *

    Gem Gemstone Selection ** [selection] **
    We use Tourmaline (tourmaline) are without any grace or purification treatment contains natural gem though more clouds and ice cracks clavicle chain chosen this one, but the single stones ride naked feeling fine silver chain, no extra conjugation ornaments, wear pretty clean and fresh.

    ** For the color clarity cut the high level of tourmaline, please refer to our other design: **
    Red tourmaline https://www.pinkoi.com/product/1Iz0yOxl
    Yellow tourmaline https://www.pinkoi.com/product/14SGOCEG
    Pink tourmaline https://www.pinkoi.com/product/1Dzhlk0E
    Olive green tourmaline https://www.pinkoi.com/product/11PJLI0u

    ** **】 【Size Size
    Including buckle Length: about 41.5 cm

    [**] ** Before Shopping Before Purchasing
    + Studio usually has established work schedule, if questions, we will try to reply to 1-2 working days (excluding holidays), handmade custom jewelry making shipping time is about 7--10 working days (excluding holidays, excluding logistics), please be patient, and thank you very much for your understanding!
    + Photo shoot are all solid products, due to computer color, shooting light, or a different definition of personal perception, inevitably have a color problem, begin with real products based commodities.
    + How much natural stone ice cracks, clouds, and ribbon change, and every single color and shape is also not like the artificial Cutting exactly the same, every single natural color of cultured pearls have a slightly different shape, so natural semi-precious stones used in the finished product and pearls, and may vary in the photo, but it is also a unique personality charm of natural materials, with the piece of jewelry we will try to pick the color and quality of the series is quite natural stone to do with, to accept and then the next set Oh!
    + Silver, copper oxide material can generate over time, and the user wearing styles, not the recipient is not recommended to buy. To reduce oxidation case, please follow Jewelry Maintenance We provide maintenance, in fact, after the copper oxide exudes a low-key and reserved temperament is very attractive!
    + Most bracelet styles offer size selection, depending on the design, with a decrease beads, buckles, metal chains or manner of manufacture; For custom modify the length, arrangement may be adjusted depending on the length, but does not affect the original design principle.
    + Always make sure before buying hand Wai Wai hand finished according to the number you provided within plus or minus 0.5 cm is normal, will not have much impact.
    + Due to customized jewelry are personal items, in addition to the new flaws, sent the wrong goods, or damaged during transport who does not accept returns.

    ** [Hand circumference measurement Wrist Sizing] **
    + With a wire, string, or a long piece of paper around to wear bracelets positions in a circle, not loose not tight just obedient to, and then spread around the good level with a ruler measuring the length, is that you stick hand hand circumference size.
    + If custom demands, just stick your hand in hand to provide around the size can be, at the time we will be more customized bracelet set aside a little space, allowing you to wear them representing just comfortable. If you like a little loose Please also told us that, because each bracelet semi-precious stones of various sizes used to relax the ratio is different, depending on your needs we will help you relax.

    ** [Jewelry Care Jewelry Care & Cleaning] **
    + Best silverware maintenance methods is often worn, because the body fat can produce natural moist silver sheen.
    + Never recommend wearing any jewelry bathing, swimming, bathing, strenuous exercise, avoid contact with cosmetics and beauty spa, and please finish spraying perfume and hair spray before wearing jewelry.
    + Can be used when you do not wear cotton or cloth graze the surface of the glasses, clear water and dirt, and then placed in a sealed zipper bags to avoid contact with air oxidation. If jewelry contaminated sweat, it is recommended to rinse with water, dried, air-dried, and then placed zipper bag.
    + If the silver jewelry, copper sulfide or oxide yellow black sign, available moist soft toothbrush or toothpaste dentifrice lightly soiled surface, rinse thoroughly with water, with a soft cloth or paper towel dry water, and thoroughly dried. Or with a silver polishing cloth, wipe cloth to wipe the surface of copper, silver polishing cloth If you are worried, wiping cloth chemical emulsion on copper cause skin allergies, before wearing can rinse and wipe dry. ** (Basically, our own copper silver jewelry as long as a little muddy, they will squeeze toothpaste in the hand stick some water, gently rub the metal parts, metal jewelry can restore the original luster, this little secret also applies to the K gold jewelry!) **
    + Low pearl hardness, should not be stored with other jewelry, so as not to collide with each other scratching the skin; avoid touching the acid, neutral available To clean soapy water, not with toothpaste, silver polishing cloth.
    + Silver as a special vulcanization blackened mining process, do not over-clean, avoid black design effect disappears.
    + Copper ornaments black oxide, may also squeeze of lemon juice and water (1: 1 ratio) immersion cleaning. If copper decorated with natural stone or pearl binding, do not thrown directly into the lemonade, available thick paper towels, cotton, or cotton swab dipped lemonade, just wipe the copper portion.
    + Best not to use corrosive silver wash water after use but will be more easily oxidized.
    + Lower than the hardness of silver alloy or stainless steel, avoid pulling or stress recesses.
    Origin / manufacturing methods
    Designed & Made in Taiwan
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    カナダUS$ 6.86US$ 1.03
    オーストラリアUS$ 6.86US$ 1.03
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    インドネシアUS$ 6.86US$ 1.03
    マレーシアUS$ 6.86US$ 1.03
    中国US$ 6.86US$ 0.00
    韓国US$ 6.86US$ 1.03
    日本US$ 6.86US$ 1.03
    タイUS$ 6.86US$ 1.03
    ニュージーランドUS$ 6.86US$ 1.03
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:: Daily Jewels :: single drop section Tourmaline Tourmaline Silver bare sense necklace / clavicle chain (pink, large)

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