Postcards hair like puppet toy store window from NTU union

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Postcards hair like puppet toy store window from NTU union


/ Commodity Description and story /
NTU is a kind of how trade union organization? Introduction page to say: to promote include graduate students, and school personnel about using technicians and other workers' labor rights protection and the promotion. That is, the graduate student stipend system into the pay system, as well as cohesion campus labor consciousness.

Therefore, I want to paint the scene in the window puppet toy store. First, graduate assistantships system is hanging down from the ceiling of the line, a puppet controlled by line, but also to thank the guide wire, so the line does not directly represent the tie, but a relationship. Previously seen NTU school to interpret the concept of a family of long-haired petty cash grants system, just like the line of this symbolic relation defined. Therefore, get rid of the line is to reverse this relationship, is free, but also bear fell out of scrapes. Secondly, why get rid of the shackles of cable bent? This part of the toy can not explain, because people are not puppets are not puppets, labor fight is not charity, but to fight for basic rights as workers. Again, break the line of puppets, why the windows cracking run out? Because of the abolition of the grant system is not the final goal, but for the beginning of labor rights. Later as workers under the employment relationship, both for qualified labor rights and bear the risk of frustration. They broke the windows of puppets become real people to leave the toy store, and then again from outside the door to restart negotiations with the toy store owner, as a person rather than the puppet attitude to dialogue.

The last picture of the union members, only one, that is inside the window, wearing the leftmost write "Union" Red Hat people get the scissors. The lower right corner to move the ladder, take a hammer is originally toy puppets inside. I would like to convey the meaning that the actual working conditions change to reverse the system, not by the union members to rescue everyone in the process. Union members may be an opportunity to reform and open door lead people, or that people point out the existing problem; however, when the self-consciousness gradually have labor that can do more than just stand around blankly waiting for assistance, but have their own have the ability to change the situation of investment, trade unions and engage in dialogue to help the employment relationship.

ps. Thank you, give me inspiration :)

/ Size, size /

/ Materials /
1. Czech KOH-I-NOOR 72 waterborne color artists color pencil + Prismacolor colored pencils
2. SAKURA behalf of the stylus - brown (about 35 yuan), this special with brown, hope the picture is more warm and soft.
3. Italian Fabriano watercolor Fabiano ACC Oscar Redskins this 27X35cm 240g

/ Material /
Paper printed using suitable painting ivory paper, retain the original painting color and brushwork, and ivory touch paper for writing. Mining sided design and printing.

Origin / manufacturing methods
Made in Taiwan


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