Blessing Seal Cup Group Taiwan Blessing Seal Cup Set

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Blessing Seal Cup Group Taiwan Blessing Seal Cup Set


/ Product Description and Story / Four Taiwan seal cutting masters and the combination of cultural and aesthetic arts of ceramic technology It is the main blessing discourse in Chinese culture, while the windowpane symbolizes the ancient and rich cultural connotation, as well as the pursuit and longing for the ideal of life. Choosing the four auspicious characters of "福禄 寿 囍" to seal the seal with the concept of cup, both artistic and practical, through the application of calligraphy and seal cutting, to show the richness of Taiwan's cultural arts, and has the fun of viewing, but also for people Experience the beauty of craft and seal in Taiwan. The four words of blessing were selected to wish everybody all the best and represent the use of tea for Taiwanese people to express our sensibilities. Four different sets of window designs were incorporated to illustrate the pursuit and aspiration of an ideal life. The cups combine the concepts of a seal, so that the 4 pieces are both useful and artistic. These 4 calligraphy seals unfold the profoundness in Taiwan's artistic culture so that everybody can experience the beauty in Taiwanese handicraft and seal art. The calligraphy designed by 4 renowned seal-cutting artists of Taiwan: Chou Chen, Hsueh Ping-nan, Huang Chang-Ming, Chen Hung Mien, feature of product [福禄 寿 囍] Four seal font specially invited Taiwan famous four seal master design Zhou Cheng (Fu) Xue Ping Nan (Lu) Huang taste Ming (Shou) Chen Hongmian (囍) Packaging features String on the rope box Oriental taste full, red and black with fantastic generous. In addition to specially designed package to protect the parcel cup, the box body can be converted into a welcome New Year Christmas candy box or a unique pen Reusable packaging, deep green packaging and environmental concepts. Winning record ■ 2012 gold dot design mark (two - industrial design and packaging design category) ■ 2012 Wenchuang Excellence Award - Excellence Award ■ 2012 Gold Dot Design Annual Packaging Design Awards ■ 2013 Good Design Award (Japan) Cup size: cup mouth 6.2cm cup bottom 5.2cm cup height 5cm Gift box size: 18.5x18.5x10cm There are two styles of packaging - black window and festive red (with a red bag) (★ only the infrared box packaging) / Material / clay / Designer and brand profile / "Po BONHO", BON in French is a good and good meaning, HO pronounce in Chinese Taiwanese is also a good idea. "BONHO" is intended to create an orthographic label that stands for Taiwan's integrity and integrity. Whether from creative products designed and developed by ourselves or from products combining Taiwan's unique characteristics, we hope to combine both cultural tradition with modern life, Delicate texture and concept of green, heritage business treasure management business philosophy of integrity, adhere to the brand spirit to create great and good selection of products. Origin / manufacturing methods Taiwan


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