GOLLA Nordic Finnish Fashion 7吋 Flip Flat Case G1653 Black

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Hello!! **We are GOLLA, we are from the beautiful town of Finland.**



GOLLA Nordic Finnish Fashion 7吋 Flip Flat Case G1653 Black


Hello!! **We are GOLLA, we are from the beautiful town of Finland.** Golla is the home of GOLLA founders Petri and Meri. In 1995, Petri used his hometown as the name of the design company. Committed to novel product designs, GOLLA perfectly interprets the artistic inspiration of the Nordic people. Introducing a lot of successful product designs, such as the world-famous Fatboy is GOLLA's proud work. GOLLA AIR series, Designed for women, the soft and delicate feel, with a refreshing natural color, brings a fresh and natural lightweight texture in the Nordic minimalist style. Imagine a girl who travels around the city, has a positive attitude towards life, an independent view of life, with a GOLLA AIR bag, Enjoy any small life in your life; side back, back, hand, and whatever you want, just bring your mobile phone and other small things and you can leave at any time! The exquisiteness of AIR lies in the feel and details. The leather layer is embossed with polka dots and the inner polka dot pattern... Create a soft and delicate touch and touch when the bag is held on the hand. **In addition, the AIR bag has a light blue and dark square pattern, which represents the sky and the lake. It has a finishing touch on the design; its inspiration comes from the natural environment of Finland filled with lakes (Finland, the country of thousands of lakes) ), enjoy the elegant life between the sky at the end of the world and the blue lake!** GOLLA Nordic Finnish Fashion Flip Flat Case Applicable to all brands of tablets; looks like an elegant notebook, Replace the common buckle with a band to make the overall design more temperament. It can be turned over as a support frame, and the angle can be adjusted at will. It is not easy to be exhausted for a long time. Attached with an invisible handle, it is easy to grasp and not easy to fall. The fixed strap of the internal fixed tablet is designed with a double strap. The fixed position can be adjusted according to the power supply or lens position of each tablet, and the inner surface of the suede is best protected. Size, material, weight External dimensions: 145x205x22 mm Internal dimensions: 140x200x15 mm Product material: black / polyurethane, polyether Product weight: about 250 g Applicable models: 7 inch plate If you want to use international transshipment, please contact us first; If you still have any details about the bag, you are welcome to contact us 喔~! https://farm3.staticflickr.com/2943/15151745630_f8faf6e2f9_o.jpg


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