US MyNatural Eco-toxic children's tableware - orange orange spoon fork set

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US MyNatural Eco-toxic children's tableware - orange orange spoon fork set


"Brand Story" My Natural ™ is the company's New York Greenpoint Brands infant Toys brands, Greenpoint Brands is controlled by two families with infants and young children's parents founded, founder and Petrie Serah their personal experience to fully understand the needs of parents with baby, so is committed to providing beloved baby more lovely, safer, healthier infant and child products. I love their baby in it, but think of the baby leave a good and healthy environment is also not shirk responsibility, all product design process are caring for the environment as a mission, and promised to provide environmentally friendly toys together. My Natural ™ is in this concept was born, inspired by nature, from the bright color elements, animals and doll protagonist styling composition, are associated with nature, provide baby and parents get close to the natural elements, and 100% safe Toys health, education under the guidance of parents, let the baby have the opportunity to understand the importance of caring for the environment in childhood. "product manual" Super cute, super healing MyNatural Eco Feeding animal-based child modeling tableware, tasty macarons color, with green Guchi is made with love, like the Earth's natural non-toxic plant starch material biomass-based plastic (PLA, Plant Bio Based Plastics) manufacture, with a sense of jungle food grade silicone non-slip mat, inspected the US FDA, heat resistant to 120 degrees, the children eat more fun, relaxed and at ease adults! Biomass-based plastic (PLA, Plant Bio-based Plastics), these plastics are basically natural resources and environmental protection can be regenerated plant materials, such as cereals, maize, potato skins ... and other (non-GM), grown into starch, and then molded into the shape of cute animals, natural, non-toxic tableware. Environmentally friendly materials in the production process can reduce dependence on fossil raw material, as well as renewable resources, biological decomposition of plastic raw materials to better safeguard the global environment and sustainable development, and will gradually depleted more valuable petrochemical resources reserved for future generations value of the use. In order to love the earth together Oh baby! MyNatural Eco Feeding tableware series -Fork + Spoon Purple Lavender spoon fork set ★ inspection by the US FDA ★ heat of 120 degrees C ★ no BPA, no PVC, no easy to induce allergic to Latex (latex) ★ no environmental hormones Phthalates (phthalates) ★ foster a favorable environment using sustainable materials ★ natural decomposition material ★ fork less dangerous sharp point of the arc and a little more practical furrow ★ opening a little small but good Setback spoon scoop food Sheng ★ French macarons simple bright colors like adults with Bistro style dishes, to imitate a small adult dining pleasure "Material" Food contact surfaces using natural plant starch material (PLA) Color section uses natural plant starch material mixed plastic strengthened thickness, hardness and support "size" Spoon Fork Group 3.1 X 12.1 X 2.5 cm "Use and maintenance mode." Before use to remove the packaging and clean, only low microwave (not familiar with the operating temperature, the microwave is not recommended) Dishwasher safe (top), do not put hot pot of boiling water or steam sterilization Non-chemical cleaning is recommended for your baby with detergent Recommend hand wash or scrub with a soft cloth, do not use hard objects such as steel brushes, hard plastic scouring pads "Origin / manufacturing methods." New York, China and our manufacturing plant design


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