◎ Crown Princess Snow White fairy tale x x x Apple x Mirror Castle x asymmetrical ear clip earrings hook /// /// stainless steel ear hook

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◎ Crown Princess Snow White fairy tale x x x Apple x Mirror Castle x asymmetrical ear clip earrings hook /// /// stainless steel ear hook


**+++ +++ commodity explanation** Childhood Girls dream is a princess So we know the Cinderella, Snow White, Little Mermaid ... Seize the retained childish Wind groceries into body jewelry Lightweight smiling people do not know the little secret **Size +++ +++** Castle side /// without ear hook: about 6 * 1cm Apple /// side without ear hook: approximately 5 * 2cm Ear hook is made of copper-plated bronze Electroplating allergic sweetheart May change medical grade stainless steel ear hook (a bit dark silver yo **+++ +++ Material** Copper plated bronze gadgets, rhinestones, crystal pieces flying saucer +++ +++ Notes ✪ Comp jewelry general mining merger packaging Sissy packaging is not fixed, mining heart decoration ✪ Due to the different color mode for each screen, the product color, size, style, those who have questions, Please ask first before detailed subscript ✪ West Ah law does not try Madou, ordinary camera, does not and will not transfer color PS /// Photo basically only highlighted, Sharpen /// ✪ Subscript payment (or setting payment when stores can pick up), the Spot Commodity mailed within five working days, according to the decision to order merchandise ordered process. ✪ When changing the chain length, the case of the chain out, West will directly instead of using a similar chain, without prior notice. ✪ Because it is feeling creative, if you have any ideas want to increase or decrease in the merchandise Welcome to a private hearing to ask, thank you. ✪ About Jewelry way to preserve: Try to stay away from high temperature, chemicals, spa, perfume First gently wipe with a soft cloth decorated scored at home If the dirt is heavy, but also with warm water, a soft cloth, mild detergent, but it must be dry, be sure to dry, be sure to dry Usually alone in the box or pouch Avoid and other jewelry stir together collide Can make jewelry as new for a long time - please refer to. .


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