LazyBallForPets Pet Lazy Bones

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Microfibres brand fabric - water repellent, abrasion resistant, breathable, stain resistant, scratch resistant, good cleaning and non-staining. The 2mm ultra-fine particles fill the body perfectly, allowing the pet to relax while resting. In line with the



LazyBallForPets Pet Lazy Bones


**Pillow: 4 features of very fine particles**
2 mm fine particles complying with the RoHS environmental labeling standard and SGS inspection are used as the inner filling. The fine fine particles are not replaceable by the general cotton material. They can not only fit the main body shape, but also relax every muscle. Easy Joe pose.
We use a breathable Leica elastic cloth set to fill and seal the fine particles, which can concentrate the fine particles that are filled inside. It is easy to dry when it is washed and dried separately.
After the trials of different body types, we also found the most suitable filling amount, and the weight of 80 kg is no problem. Most of the lazy bones on the market have limited support, and it is easy to sit on the ground when sitting down, and it is not easy to get up. In addition to the good support, LazyBall also allows the baby to fully satisfy the micro-enveloping sense of embracing.
To make it easier for parents to organize, we use 2mm single-foamed fine particles, clean, no odor, no problem with machine wash, and the whole ball is put into the laundry together with the outer Microfibres. Machine wash in the bag, wash and then separate the cloth cover and the pillow heart to dry. (Pillow heart should be placed flat and dry and flipped from time to time)

**Outer layer: 5 characteristics of 90 years old American Microfibres functional cloth**
The weave is smooth, delicate and water-repellent, so you don't need to spend extra money to buy a waterproof cleaning pad to protect it. There are also children and hairy children at home.
The American Microfires cat scratching cloth is actually the "flocking cloth" called by the textile industry. The process is to apply a layer of glue on top of the base fabric and then implant the fiber in the glued base fabric by means of electrostatic flocking. On the top, after several steps, we have made the finished fabric we are using.

The quality of flocking cloth depends on the quality of the glue, the type of fiber used and the refinement of the post-treatment, especially the quality of the glue. The key to the flocking cloth is the quality. The exclusive secret glue and advanced post-treatment process technology used in Microfibres cat scratch cloth make this cloth have strong abrasion resistance, good breathability, unmatched anti-staining power and incredible gentle touch, but also complete Meet the strict environmental standards of Europe and the United States.
The wear resistance is tested by various world-class wear tests, and its smooth and skin-friendly touch and dense weave, most of the cats will not like to catch because of the lack of pleasure, and the cotton material can be used with the naked eye. It is obvious that the obvious weave texture is different, so don't worry about being scratched.
A dust mites are about 100~400 μm (micron), prefer a moist, warm environment, and use dander as food. Also because the Microfibres table cloth is only 20 μm, the dust mites can't run in, the dander can't run into the inner lining, the fine particles used inside are not like the cotton material will absorb moisture, the whole Lazy Ball pet pet pad, collection There are various conditions that dust mites do not love, so don't worry that dust mites will invade.
The hole is only 20 μm (micron), which is equivalent to 0.002 cm, and the diameter of a cat hair is about 30 μm. Therefore, the body hair of the dog and cat will not be inserted into the inner part, only the surface layer will be smeared. Whether it is a sticky roller or a vacuum cleaner, it can be easily removed.

**Intimate design and labor production**
The master said, "Must be so embarrassing?"
In order to let the masters how to jog and how to lie comfortably, in the end we choose the most laborious 360° sphere shape. To achieve fullness, any surface can be used. The hexagonal and pentagon must be matched, even the color of the seam. We also specially choose and match color. Then, the teacher who has 25 years of experience in the car industry will use the YKK zipper to make the hidden tail. Don't worry about the baby eating.

**Frequently asked questions and answers**
Q: How to clean?
A: LazyBallForPets is a lazy bone for pets. It can be washed by a whole ball, together with a cloth cover and a pillow, put into a laundry bag, and thrown into the washing machine. Wash and separate to a cool place to dry, avoid direct sunlight. Of course, if only the outer cloth cover is dirty, the pillow core can be taken out and the cloth cover machine can be washed separately. Please only pay special attention to the pillow, we do not recommend a separate machine wash to prevent leakage of very fine particles.

Q: Can I use a dryer?
A: The outer cover can be baked at medium and low temperatures. The part of the pillow can not be dried. After washing, it can be dried in the shade.

Q: Will it be stuffy for a long time?
A: The Microfibres cloth used this time is not only good in skin but also very breathable! The pillow is very fine particles, not cotton material that is easy to accumulate. It will be comfortable for use and suitable for winter and summer.

Q: Can dogs be used?
A: The product is about 55 CM in diameter and is suitable for small and medium dogs and cats.

Q: Is the product guaranteed?
A: If the product you received is defective, we can replace it for you free of charge before using it.


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