Slightly Twilli Creative Gift Business ID Octopus Card Holder (Zebra Wood / Vegetable / Leather)

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Slightly Twilli Creative Gift Business ID Octopus Card Holder (Zebra Wood / Vegetable / Leather)


Designer said Most of the cards on the market are ordinary, it does not seem to have any features. Our use of this wooden leather card with a combination of raw materials, creative materials, simple design and yet fashion sense yet. This card sets have four card position, do not want to bring stupid and heavy wallet when the card with cash and the need for 2-3 cards can be light out of the! Warm colors can be easily integrated into a variety of clothes with a rich sense of the art of grain and become the whole match with full of personality characteristics of the embellishment, as a small gift to give people is also very appropriate. Design Features | Our name is Twilli, take the twin root and twilight meaning, on the one hand this product has two colors, the fog of blue and blue people reminiscent of Qinglie early morning, and planted leather apricot pink The twilight of the two periods; the warm and misty atmosphere of these two periods is exactly the product temperament that Twilli has distributed. And Twilli design highlights part of the two brass round button embellishment, conception from Venus a pair of names - Morning Star and Twilight, Twilli's meaning is that they are in the dawn and twilight in the shining, for each A man who runs in ignorance points out what he wants. We hope that this commuter card sets will be able to accompany every struggle to pursue the dream of the struggle, warm his early morning and evening. Product Features | 1) pure natural leather. Through the combination of veneer and leather, both to retain the complex but with the order of the beauty of the grain, while enhancing the toughness of the material itself, reducing the brittle wood, so that it has a leather-like characteristics, which is independent research and development of innovative materials - wood leather. Wood gorgeous light in the light issued under the light, as well as with the use of the user changes in the luster and vitality of vitality, which is the natural can not be expected by the United States. 2) Italy's top vegetable tanned leather / first layer of leather. The use of vegetable tanning agents is more environmentally friendly than the chemical process. But also because of the use of tannins in the composition of the nature of the leather will be kept close to the nature of the skin, like easy to absorb water, will change color, hard but plasticity is high, like a biological change is fascinating. 3) leather lanyard. Made of leather, hand-sewn, you can use a very long time, feel good, full of texture, far beyond similar products. Rope length 18.5cm, can be hand or placed inside the handbag. 4) Storage card slot. Before and after the two card slot, can be placed 4-6 cards, the efficiency of the elite only put important, perfect combination of regular and convenient. 5) selected brass texture Seiko hardware. Brighten the overall value of the package, and more durable than the common plastic parts. Product Description Size: 11.3cm X 7.2cm X 0.3cm Material: acid wood, the first layer of leather Net weight: 135g (including packaging) Origin: Hong Kong Warm Tips As the cattle in the process of growth will produce tying India, small scars, and the growth of texture is unavoidable, so the general small black spots, light black small scratches, regular colorless texture belong to the normal range. Maintenance mode 1) leather case of wet and easy to mold, so long-term preservation, need to be stored in a dry place. 2) Dusty leather can be wiped with a soft cloth or brush. 3) leather for a long time do not need part of the dark paper (kraft paper) wrapped, placed in a dry and ventilated place, do not see the daylight will not easily change color. 4) pay attention to reduce the friction of the leather, otherwise it will lead to skin hair black, more than one piece of paper separated by paper. Declarations Hong Kong Life Life Limited collects all kinds of personal data from different sources. We respect personal privacy and promise to fulfill the principle of protecting the privacy of individuals and will comply with the relevant provisions of the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. 1. Purpose of collection and preservation of personal data 1.1 verify your identity; 1.2 deal with your application to purchase our products and services; 1.3 deal with your after-sales service, advice and complaints; 1.4 fill in the customs requirements of the transport documents; 2. The consequences of failure to provide information In addition to the information that must be provided in the data collection form, it is voluntary to provide other personal information. If you fail to provide the necessary information as required, it will prevent us from achieving the above-mentioned purpose of collecting information. 3. Transfer of personal data 3.1 The Company will disclose the collected personal data directly to the following parties (or groups) for the purposes of the above-mentioned information: 3.2 The information will be sent to the relevant departments of Hong Kong Open Life Limited and its staff for follow-up order service. 3.3 Any legal, governmental or regulatory body to comply with the laws applicable to the laws of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. 4. Review and correct the personal information 4.1 You have the right to consult with the Company and to change the personal data of the Company in respect of your company. The Company may charge you a reasonable fee for the processing of access to information. 4.2 If you require access to or correction of your personal information, please contact us.


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