Classic 隽永调│ Shen Yun 邃 pure plant soybean wax oil candle │ small nest

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Calm and soothing Indian sandalwood that brings harmony and balance to the mind, awakening the tired mind and restoring balance between body and mind. Pure plant soy wax + oil and natural essential oil, handmade, no chemical ingredients and preservatives


Classic 隽永调│ Shen Yun 邃 pure plant soybean wax oil candle │ small nest


[P11 沈蕴幽邃 pure plant soy wax oil candle │ Sandalwood & Petitgrain Soy-based wax scented candle │ small nest - classic 隽 调 】 Calm and soothing Indian sandalwood with a harmonious and balanced mind, a fresh and overflowing bergamot, a jasmine that allows you to deepen your pressure, and an elegant and rich floral fragrance from the French rose. With the calm and long-lasting oriental wood tone, it leads to the soft and scented floral rhyme, just like the waking up in the morning forest, awakening the tired mind and restoring the balance between body and mind, giving you deep pressure. This product is 100% pure vegetable wax, vegetable oil and natural essential oil, without adding any chemical ingredients and preservatives, no animal experiments. Natural essential oils are natural, multi-layered, healthy, non-toxic... with a fresh, grassy fragrance. No chemical fragrances are added, so it is not pungent or full. -------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------- They are made by hand blending. The capacity is >310±10g, medium>200±10g, and small>70±7g. We use 100% vegetable wax + vegetable oil as the base, no added chemical and petrochemical raw materials, no black smoke or harmful gases. The scent is also blended with only 100% natural essential oils, without adding premium perfumes, fragrances, fixatives or other harmful substances. Pure plant essential oil candles are full of natural essential oils, and the aroma is fresh and natural. It is made only from vegetable wax and essential oil. If it is accidentally turned over on a clean table, please wipe it on the back of the hand to massage the pressure in the work. -------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------- [Usage] It is recommended to burn for about 20 minutes each time. Keep the wick at 0.6~1.0 cm to get the longest burning time. [Ingredients] P11 Shen Yun 邃 compound essential oil, soy wax, 100% cotton wick. Top notes: bergamot, bitter orange leaf, orange flower Middle notes: rose, pine, cinnamon, lilac, marathon juniper After taste: Indian sandalwood, patchouli, Himalayas cedar [Place of Origin] MIT Taiwan [Storage period] 24 months [weight] 310g ± 10%, 200g ± 10%, 70g ± 10% 【Precautions】 1. If you feel uncomfortable after use, stop using it immediately. 2. If you accidentally fall over the skin, you can smooth the massage. 4. Keep children away from high places and avoid eating. If you accidentally eat, please seek medical attention immediately. [Storage method] Please keep it in a cool place to avoid sunlight. Please keep it in a cool place after use and keep it dry. 1. The outer packaging is flammable in the carton. Do not use it to cover the flame. 2. Use a dedicated lid to cover the flameout. 3. Keep away from children and flammable materials. * After opening, it will not be replaced and returned.


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