Brut Cake Handmade Children's Cloth Armchair (2) - Cute Hand-painted _Screen Printing_Sewing Handmade_Cooked Handrails _With a warm and healing smile

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Brut Cake handmade children cloth armchair sofa chair cute hand-painted screen printing hand-sewn with a warm and healin


Brut Cake

Brut Cake ショップへ

Brut Cake Handmade Children's Cloth Armchair (2) - Cute Hand-painted _Screen Printing_Sewing Handmade_Cooked Handrails _With a warm and healing smile


**Red chair cushions on the photo have been sold, there are still chair pad with a yellow backrest**

Combination of unique hand-painted and cloth design children's sofa, childlike style, colorful, durable, children sitting on top must be super cute!

[ brand introduction]

Brut Cake is a Taiwanese artist Nicole Teng's brand of design and creation in Shanghai, covering goods, art and, most importantly, life. Brut is French, based on art style Art Brut (original art), emphasizing original, vigorous and wild, with human warmth and emotion; Cake means happiness and sweetness. We hope that more people will be touched by the works made by hands, so that the essence of each material can be touched and cherished.

Nicole has always wanted to break through the traditional impression of fabric and furniture jewelry, so the use of different thinking, the painting fusion in the creative. Her hand-painted "children's sofa", each face each represents a unique personality, as well as with the user's wonderful emotional connection. Not only cute, looking at, but not consciously issued a pleasant smile from the heart, so you have a good mood all day long!


Size: Length 65 cm, width 55 cm, height 60 cm / seat height 28 cm, seat depth 41 cm

Weight: about 11 kg


Cloth - canvas + cotton cloth + man-made fibers

Other - Elm, high-density foam

[ feature design]

Each child's sofa is hand-made by a Shanghai teacher with decades of experience, working solid and durable.

Back and cushions to durability and type of canvas as the main fabric, the designer Nicole Deng Naiyi hand-painted smile under the brush, screen printed on the cloth presented in the rustic healing.

The fabric of the back and armrests are made of Chinese native cloth in the southern part of China, that is, hand-made old cloth, with a cloth age of at least 20 years. Each is an antique cloth. In the early years, people collected natural cotton, after 72 complicated procedures, pure hand-made textiles, creating a tough and rustic old-fashioned rugged beauty. Brut Cake only produces a small number of products; insist on the most simple and practical design, so that the beauty of earthwork directly rendered, no noise, only straight horizontal textile lines show a restrained beauty.

Homespun is no longer produced, so when we make the goods, we cherish the fabric, and hand brushed the surface of ancient cloth, you must be able to feel the meticulous and simple hand touch and special atmosphere.

The fabric on the sides and the man-made fibers in the coat are warm and colorful with a sense of visual appeal.

Design side of the sofa bag, small toys, story books, bricks and other items.

High-density foam cushion, comfortable, sit tight and not easy to deformation.

It is recommended to use the special toilet cloth to clean the sofa!

***This business is pre-order goods, enjoy the pre-purchase price, is expected to be shipped by the end of January 2018, please be patient, thank you!***
Origin / manufacturing methods
Shanghai / handmade


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