Miniware natural baby children learning cutlery love water bamboo fiber cup 2 into the group

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Miniware natural baby children learning cutlery love water bamboo fiber cup 2 into the group



Dish plate, cup itself
Q: How should I wash after general use? Can I wash with canola cloth?
1. It can be washed with ordinary sponges. Canola cloth or sharp steel brush can easily scratch the surface of the bowl and cause rough surface. It is not recommended.
2. It can be simply washed with water and placed in the dishwasher. There is no problem with the process of baking the bowl!
3. It is recommended to use the general neutral/natural lotion on the market. Gentle does not damage the surface of the baby bowl. It is not recommended to use a strong lotion that can easily damage the surface. It is recommended to use a detergent with a pH value between 6 and 8, in addition to avoiding the children to eat the remaining chemical lotion and reducing the pollution of the sewage to the environment.

Q: What are the limitations of using a microwave oven?
1. Miniware can withstand minus 20 degrees to 140 degrees, it is recommended to put the food into the microwave oven when the use of 6-7 minutes to fill, with a maximum of 1 minute to heat the principle of strong fire.
2. It is most recommended to use ordinary dishes to heat and then put the food into the dishes for children to use to help cool food and avoid hot mouth.

Q : Can it be sterilized with hot water or electric pot?
1. Natural materials cannot be steam sterilized but can be sterilized with hot water for 30 seconds and placed in an ultraviolet sterilizer.
2. The natural material will soften after prolonged heating. Even if it can be cooled and returned to its original shape, continuous high temperature moisture will reduce the life span of the natural material. Therefore, the "steam sterilizer" cannot be used. Or put it into an electric cooker for steam sterilization

Q: How should I normally store and save?
1. Since the weather in Taiwan must be relatively humid, it is recommended that the water droplets be wiped dry after cleaning and dried naturally in a ventilated place.
2. Avoid storing in a damp place. The advantage of separating the suction cup from the bowl is that there is no problem if you stack it with other dishes.
3. Because of the natural material, please avoid direct exposure to sunlight for a long time.

Q: Will it break easily?
1. Although tableware itself has a certain degree of resistance to fall, it is not not broken. If you fall from a height to the ground, there will be a chance of damage. Please pay attention to the use of the tableware to avoid heavy pressure or hard landing. .

Q: Is it normal if the product is roughened for some time?
1. Because the smooth effect of the surface is the natural effect of mold setting and heating under high pressure, after a certain period of time, the smooth effect will gradually disappear, and the natural texture of bamboo fiber will be produced, which will not affect the use and maintain the natural non-toxic properties. No need to worry.

Q: What should I do if the suction cup and dish cannot be properly absorbed?
1. Please put the suction cup clean and dry, then put on the baby bowl/plate, and press the suction cup into the suction cup from top to bottom to achieve the adsorption effect.
2. The product manual is included in the box. There are instructional instructions on how to assemble the dishes and suction cups. If the instructions in the product manual have been followed, the suction cups and bowls still cannot be properly adsorbed and easily bouncing up. Please help to inform BONNSU. Window, we will help solve the problem.

(This product uses all natural organic materials, because of the different fiber density, if there are some slight colors in the palette are not natural phenomena, does not affect the safety of food, please feel relieved to use)

【Product specifications】

Love drinking bamboo fiber cup
Content: Water Cupx2
Material: natural bamboo fiber
Size: height 9cm / cup width 7cm
Packing size: length 9.5cm / width 9.5cm / height 9.5cm
Weight: 140g
Origin: Taiwan


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