Naturally tasty _ potato laundry soap - Recommended laundry housework clean


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    Potato full of starch, in addition to accompany us through the winter, into the soap, but also easily remove the dirt on
  • **Creative concept**

    ▶ Believe in natural beauty pure strength
    ▶ Natural plants, mineral flour as the material
    ▶ Awakening lifestyle and fun
    ▶ Reuse of resources, simple packaging



    Soap making is a simple, happy thing, imagining the carefully designed formula, and time-consuming, laborious system of law, if you can use the people, feel happy bath feast, or even feel your warmth, everything is worth It!

    I am often asked why I want to promote "handmade soap". My answer is very simple, natural cold handmade soap, is "no-burden clean" as the original intention of household products, compared to the commercially available synthetic surfactant, handmade soap clean, not afraid of chemical residues, mild sense of cleaning, clean After the waste water can be completely decomposed, so that fish continue to be happy in the rivers and oceans, both safe to clean the skin, but also friendly environment, why not?


    **Product desciption**

    Potato, is a farmer planting autumn, carefully from the soil again in winter, harvest crops. Because after winter, the body needs to accumulate some heat to resist the winter, so the potato with high starch content is dedicated to the people in the cold. Potato laundry soap, the gift of the earth treasures, bother to wash even the potato, labeled as a mud into the soap, the room full of fragrant soil, telling its simplicity and freshness.

    Potato full of starch, in addition to spend the winter with us, into the soap, but also easily remove the dirt on the clothes, the general housework is also hard to beat it. The most important is that it is gentle wash, but also to protect your hard hands Oh!

    【Grams】 105g ± 5%
    【Skin】 All skin types
    【Fragrance】 bright and detailed fruity aroma.
    【Usage】 Hand wash clothes, but no problem for other household cleaning Oh!
    【Ingredients】 Coconut oil, canola oil, olive oil, mashed potatoes (with skin), baking soda, grapefruit oil, lavender essential oil, sodium hydroxide, water.

    【before use】

    【After use】

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    Natural life is a natural and beautiful attitude to life.

    Before the Industrial Revolution, human beings and nature were closely linked. The technology and life wisdom of the millennium was strongly praised. Now, human life seems to be progressing. However, in pursuit of a higher and more convenient material life, people not only seize the natural resources in large quantities, Causing ecological catastrophe, but also lead to many environmental problems.

    In the past simple, beautiful things, in fact, worth cherishing. I like to slowly slow down, thinking back to these ancient wisdom, and make good use of the material and creativity around, so that the work presents a unique charm. Life can be very relaxing, because we do not need much, and the wonderful taste of life, just open the five senses, you can savor.

    The pursuit of natural life is a long journey back to nature. When we reflect on our own needs and the sustainability of the environment, we can be conscious of ourselves and choose a better life style for ourselves and the environment.



    **Buy a small caution**

    ▶ Invoice sent
    Invoice will be attached with the goods, if the gift and need to send an invoice, you must go to the mall to buy https://www.pinkoi.com/product/ytx9vXfe?category=5/ , on behalf of the donation to the relevant charity, but also please inform.
    ▶ shelf life
    A year, if the soap is not unopened, but has expired, as long as the soapy surface no oil spots, fuel consumption, can use. However, if the skin is sensitive, it is recommended to first try a small range of skin test, or use household soap.
    ▶ Storage environment
    Unopened before, on the low humidity, the sun is not direct exposure to the environment; Kaifeng, it is recommended to use a good drainage of the soap dish, and can be more than one soap alternately or as soon as possible to use is completed.
    ▶ How to use
    Wet the handmade soap, rub it with your hand, bath ball, or rapeseed cloth and apply it to your body or house to clean it. In addition, the handmade soap is weakly alkaline, if accidentally let the bubbles hit the eyes, just a lot of water rinse, rest, you can improve the feeling of stinging.
    ▶ Packaging method
    Recycled paper bags as far as possible within each order packaging, hemp rope simple packaging, need to recycle paper bag or cloth packaging, can choose their own, or leave a message asking other needs.
    ▶ others
    Handmade products can not be fine and perfect mind those who please leave a message in order to provide pre-shipment product photos, if you accept the re-order Oh!

    Origin / manufacturing methods
    Made in Taiwan handmade
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Naturally tasty _ potato laundry soap - Recommended laundry housework clean

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