Parisian notebook _100% Turkish organic cotton GOTS & OCS certified pillow pair _ fog gray cream brown color

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* 100% Turkish organic cotton * This product is GOTS & OCS certified *Please wash the water lotion below 40 degrees



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Parisian notebook _100% Turkish organic cotton GOTS & OCS certified pillow pair _ fog gray cream brown color


"If you have a week's time, you should go to Paris." I took simple luggage and lived in these temporary residences for a few days. I opened the windows and noticed the blue sky of Paris and the elegant architecture. In Paris, drinking coffee, blowing the wind slowly, on the balcony of the apartment, just sit like this, even if it is melancholy, wasting time, is also good. Looking at the Eiffel Tower in the line of sight, imagine my lover, he is waiting for me at the carousel near the tower; how long would he wait for me? I still have time to go to the old stalls on the banks of the Seine and look for lost The notebook, which recorded the words he once said to me, I tried to think but still could not remember. ""

Sleep should be gentle and secure.
Fiat Lux is Latin, meaning "to have light."

Fiat Lux Photovoltaic Co., Ltd. was established in 2015. The organic cotton we use is from Izmir, Turkey. It is dyed and dyed by Taiwan's textile mills and processed by Taiwanese tailors to make sleep really organic. We love the earth. Care for the farmer, caring for the user's heart, through the simple, tasteful design, to accompany your sleep. I hope to convey beauty and elegance to your bedroom, feel the texture of organic cotton, and look forward to working together to care for the environment of the earth.

※What is organic cotton? When the world grows ordinary cotton, 1/3 pound of chemical fertilizer and insecticide is used for every pound of cotton, and beneficial insects such as ladybugs are also eliminated. Therefore, more insecticides are needed to eliminate other pests. . Half of the clothes in the world are made of cotton, but less than 0.1% of the material comes from organic cotton. Organic cotton is cultivated in a natural and environmentally friendly manner. It not only respects the soil, respects insects, but also respects planting. people.

~ Photosynthesis new chapter ~

In the autumn/winter 2017 series, we launched the top-level GOTS certification (full name is the Global Organic Textile Standard, the global organic fabric standard, except that the certified source is the lowest 95% organic cotton, and the dyeing and finishing process must also meet the highest environmental standards; however, we Provides a 100% organic cotton-based product line and "hugs" the theme for this series.

We introduced five series of products in three colors of Pantone's autumn/winter 2017 key colors, among which there are three kinds of single colors and two kinds of mixed colors.

"Notebook from Paris Paris Notebook" is a color matching series. It is a drape tapestry design. We hope to bring you a different color experience by reducing the dyeing requirements and focusing on the existing color patchwork.

Pillow cover: 50*75 cm (fog roll with front stitching frame cream brown)

Origin / manufacturing methods
Made in Taiwan handmade


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