[Herbally herbal truth] Bubble Bubble Fragrance Fragrance (White) (P3971855)

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[Herbally herbal truth] Bubble Bubble Fragrance Fragrance (White) (P3971855)


Product portfolio content /
【Small space dedicated oil expansion instrument】
Natural wood craft series

◆ BUBBLE bubble expansion instrument x1
Base color / white
Glass color / pure and transparent
Origin / Taiwan Design / Manufacturing
Expansion range / 5-15 Ping
Input voltage / AC100 ~ 240V
Output voltage / DC5V
Power consumption / 5W or less
Current / 1A or less
(Support USB power supply)

Expansion function /
◆ no water, no heat, the most natural way of expansion
◆ ultra-low power consumption, once the electricity can be used for 250 hours
◆ two hours automatically shut down set, effectively save the amount of essential oils
◆ knob type switch, free to adjust the intensity of expansion
◆ Built-in white LED lights, can be used for night light
◆ three years warranty, lifetime warranty

Diffusion instrument use notes /
◎ Use pure essential oils.
◎ Do not exceed the nozzle height when dripping essential oil.
◎ When the machine is running, be sure to place it in a safe place.
◎ Please beware of the oil attached to the base, so as to avoid failure or surface corrosion.
◎ Do not disassemble, modify the goods, do not use the body in use.
◎ If you do not use it for a long period of time, please carry out the depth of cleaning and keep it safe after drying.
◎ Clean the cleaning method according to the instructions in the instructions, and the air outlet obstruction may cause the body to malfunction.
◎ This product is only applicable to the company to provide the transformer, the use of other transformers may cause damage to the body.
◎ avoid prolonged continuous use, every 120 minutes, please turn off the power for at least 60 minutes and then use, to prevent motor overheating damage (this product has 120 minutes automatic shutdown settings).
◎ Do not stop at extreme temperatures such as the sun, the heater, or the fire source, or the unstable place at the air outlet, the mat, the quilt or the sloping place, so as to avoid malfunction, malfunction, or damage to the surroundings And the host host is damaged.

◆ orange blossom dew (250ml) x1
Features / For the skin have a slight convergence of fat, improve self-moisturizing, bright skin effect.
Shelf life / unopened for 3 years, Kaifeng 2 years
Raw material origin / France
Manufacturing origin / Taiwan

1. This product is swallowed.
2. Skin allergic skin care should be used with caution.
3. First use and sensitive skin use Please first test.
4. Please place the shade and the children are not easy to obtain.
5. Do not use the skin with a wound or eczema and other abnormal conditions do not use.

Compound Essential Oil - Fragrance Fragrance Series (10ml) x1
A happy paradise
Ingredients / happy sage, sweet orange, rosewood
Fragrance / sweetness with green meadows and wooden tones
Shelf life / unopened for 3 years, Kaifeng 2 years
Origin / strict selection of national essential oils, Taiwan professional aromatherapist deployment

Essential oils and ball bottles Preservation methods /
Please use dark glass bottles, 25 ℃ room temperature storage, do not place more than 40 ℃ above the high temperature or direct exposure to sunlight.
Place the bottle upright, place the bottle after the lock, in order to avoid deterioration of essential oils (essential oil without storage refrigerator).

1. Essential oils should not be used orally.
2. Please put in the children is not easy to take place.
3. Sensitive, sensitive test before use.
4. Eye, inner ear and mucosal parts Do not touch essential oils.
5. Do not mix different brands of essential oils to ensure the quality and effectiveness of essential oils.
6. Avoid the use of plastic, easy to dissolve or oil the surface of the container dilution of essential oils, please use glass, stainless steel or ceramic.
7. Vicia, low / high blood pressure, epilepsy patients and pregnant women, infants and young children do not use, please use the first consult a professional physician.
8. bergamot, lemon, sweet orange, red citrus contains the composition of the UV absorption, in the sun can easily cause skin sunburn and allergies, such as for the use of the skin or massage, is not recommended during the day.
9. The above information to provide general essential oils love user reference, the company's products do not involve any medical behavior, aromatherapy is a natural therapy can not be regarded as orthodox medicine, if any discomfort, should seek legal professional physician treatment, to avoid delay medical treatment missed the best Treatment time.


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