[Three Baby Soap Chambers] Customized wind stone soap

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There are amazingly beautiful rocks hidden in the rocks. Some rocks are flowers, showing various colors such as red, black, white, and yellow. How can they not be heart-warming when they are used for customized gifts?



[Three Baby Soap Chambers] Customized wind stone soap


Items with a personal style are always something people want to own, and they are also a good choice for gifts. [Three Baby Soap Room] launched a customized shape [Handmade Soap with Wind and Rock Patterns] to meet customer needs With oils and complex fragrances, plus the unique and beautiful texture and color of the rock, how can you not be impressed. 【Handmade Soap with Wind and Rock Pattern】Order, you need to communicate with the designer before placing the order. Our persistence~ Using planting flowers, hydrosols, and imported essential oils in a traditional manual method, low temperature cooling, retaining the natural essence and nutrients contained in vegetable oils and other additives, allowing the skin to directly enjoy the most natural breath of plants. 【Grass Soaking Extraction/Hot Extraction Method】 Cut the dry grass into small pieces, put in hot vegetable oil, and maintain the temperature between 50-60 degrees Celsius and not exceed it. Then heat it for about 2-3 hours, then put it in a glass bottle, soak for 2 weeks, let the plants fully contact the oil, and use the filter in the container for two weeks. 【Grass Soaking Extraction/Frying Method】 Wash the plants with clean water, put the plants in the pot, pour the vegetable oil over the cover, control the oil temperature within 70 degrees Celsius, slowly fry the extract, about 4-6 hours, filter into the container. [Strictly selected materials] Soaped vegetable oils, planting grass and flowers, and imported essential oils adhere to the selection of fine materials for personal use. 【Legal business】 Zhongshi Weishiyao is exempt from issuing uniform invoices and exempting factory registration certificates 📣【Notes】📣 ✔Handmade soaps made at different times will change the temperature during the saponification process of rendering the texture. The color of the soap body will be slightly different after the soap is formed. The oil formula, additives, essential oils and other ingredients are the same, please feel free to use it. ✔Slightly uneven soap body after cutting soap is normal. ✔ Handmade soap has no curative effect. The information on oils and essential oils is only for information reference. If you have any questions, please leave a message and ask. ✔Superstore pickup orders [weight limit: 5kg] cannot be delivered if the weight is overweight, please choose home delivery. ✔We use pure hand to complete each piece of handmade soap. It is inevitable that there will be some bubbles or unevenness, and slight differences in appearance color and weight. These are all natural marks and cannot be regarded as defects. Each bar of the three baby soap chambers is made by the baby's mother, and I hope that every soap can be integrated into everyone's life. If it does not work as you expected, please detour.


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