Taiwan 隅 _ big (A5) + small (B6) special group

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Taiwan's largest series (A5) + small (B6), discount 15%, optional.



Taiwan 隅 _ big (A5) + small (B6) special group


/Product desciption/ The warm light of the sunrise pool is blue, free to believe in the daily conditions, and cherish the sights on the island. The diet, architecture and nature of the people's lives are geometrically and abstractly put together on the featured cover. Users and designers follow it. With his own experience and experience, let intuition choose visual images, and turn pages to record the piece of history that has not been thought of for a long time, or is undergoing history. The content can be arbitrary and more realistic. /brand introduction/ The “Auspicious Day” is a new brand of life that aims to provide consumers with a happy, beautiful, relaxed and happy life based on the local spirit of Taiwan. It not only provides practical functions for daily necessities in daily life, but also provides consumers with the goods they bring. Interaction and dialogue, these interactions and dialogues come from commodities and people, space and life. Because of the existence of good commodities, it is our expectation to make consumers' lives full of happiness, joy and good mood. Therefore, “Good day and day Good things, good days, and happy lives are the new experiences of life that will be delivered to consumers. /about the author/ In the same month, Zhuang Ruihao and Lu Haoyun were born in August. After completing their studies in Japan, they returned to Taiwan to establish “Two August Biaugust”. In the early days, they used graphic design as their main creative media. From 2007, they began to step into product design and establish their own brands. August is not simply a provider of design, but also a provider of life experience and philosophy of life. "Life and Affection" has always been the core idea of creation. It seeks the possibilities between people and design through various creative media. The art window created by Hermès Hermes in 2011 made the two-month August design more open. With many attempts and challenges, it spread across fashion, furniture, space design and art, and because of this, Shows unique insights and thinking. / Product Information / Details see the various product sales page Alishan (A5): https://www.pinkoi.com/product/1XrVDM1I?category=3 Red and white dumplings (A5): https://www.pinkoi.com/product/16yXpjql?category=3 Building (A5): https://www.pinkoi.com/product/187P8kBx Sun Moon Lake (B6): https://www.pinkoi.com/product/1QaMBAcF?category=3 Hair Cake (B6): https://www.pinkoi.com/product/1zwszKcA Tin House (B6): https://www.pinkoi.com/product/1abaV2mK / Other notes / ★ The products of the paper products series will undergo strict quality inspection before shipment. Since this product is all hand-made, it will be normal for some pulp fibers to become miscellaneous in the paper. After the paper products are sold, they will not accept returns. service. /Quality Specifications/ ★ According to the two sides confirmed the map and two August quality standards. ★ Due to a slight color difference, the picture is for reference only. The color should be based on the actual receipt of the product. /Overseas Shipping Notice / ★ In China, due to regulatory issues, except for personal items that can be sent to personal addresses, the address of the rest of the goods can only be the company or the school office. Please confirm the place of receipt first, or the company can place orders again.


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