PREMEC**Classic Swiss Design limited gift set**world's longest railway tunnel commemorative metal gift box listed! **

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Dare to dream, dare to dream! Silver metal gift box was, Classic victorinox Swiss knife and the Swiss exquisite craftsma


CREX 快樂是

CREX 快樂是 ショップへ

PREMEC**Classic Swiss Design limited gift set**world's longest railway tunnel commemorative metal gift box listed! **


Lightweight and elegant aluminum gift box, the train portrait on the surface,
To celebrate the longest railway tunnel in the world - the Gotthard Tunnel.
Silver metal gift box was,
Is a famous Swiss victorian classic knives and low-key meticulous metal craftsmanship black ink Swiss Seiko aluminum pen.

nex series by the BMW design team carefully designed shape,
And won the GOOD DESIGN Award 2013.
Metal Pen not only full body in Swiss Seiko to create, and can replace the refill.

nex Switzerland Seiko aluminum alloy pen body (atomic refill blue 1.0)
victorinox classic Swiss knife

-------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------
About the Swiss Pen PREMEC and Gotthard Tunnels

Swiss self-confidence pen
The Swiss really love to dream.

70 years ago, Swiss engineer Edward Gruenen proposed the big dream of building a two-lane baseline tunnel in the Gotthard pass to enhance the transport of the Swiss Alps region. This is an extremely difficult tunnel project that can be carried out under various alluvial structures under various Alps with an elevation of 3,000 meters !!

After many discussions and planning, the 1998 Swiss referendum finally formally decided to start construction of the Gotthard Base Tunnel (GBT) for the Gotthard Base Tunnel. The contractor dug up to four (later increased to five) shafts in the construction site for simultaneous operations, with a maximum of more than 2,000 workers working at the same time, costing a total of about 12 billion Swiss francs.

The tunnel was opened in June 2016, creating the world record for the longest train tunnel in the world! Grand grand opening celebration shows the Swiss people's sparkling confidence. This tunnel is actually the deepest tunnel (up to 2,300 meters) from the surface and officially started operation in December 2016, bringing more convenience to travelers who travel between the Alps.

The Swiss not only dared to dream, but also dared to realize their dreams.

Like the engineer's longest train tunnel in the world,
Mr. Pagani, the founder of PREMEC Swiss Pen, named PREMEC PRECISION Precision and MECHANICS process,
And PREMEC promised dream promise for a written pen.

Today PREMEC dreams, not only is the world's largest provider of writing instruments key components,
More at the beginning of the 21st century, with the same original heart, solemnly presented PREMEC in the name of Switzerland's confidence in the pen!

In honor of this dream that began 70 years ago,
In 2017,
The Swiss self-confidence to realize dream dream - PREMEC,
For the world's longest train tunnel for Swiss self-confidence, officially launched a limited commemorative metal gift box.


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