Classic doctor bag (middle) / handbag / side backpack / dual-use bag

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<Doctor Pack> is always reminiscent of the beginning of the 19th century steam train in the UK. Every detail is li



cancer2009 ショップへ

<CANCER流行實驗所> Classic doctor bag (middle) / handbag / side backpack / dual-use bag


■ Brand introduction
Follow traditional craftsmanship and combine modern aesthetics. Let each hand make a leather, each telling a wonderful story; practice a better imagination of life.
A very typical <Cancer> hand work card. From design, boarding, cutting, sewing, to merchandising photography, sales; all work independently. Every detail is very <Cancer>. You are welcome to savor the CANCER Popular Laboratory.

■ Product Description
<Doctor Pack> is always reminiscent of the beginning of the 19th century steam train in the UK. Every detail is like an English gentleman, showing elegance and taste. The leather is covered with metal gold, which is full of industrial style and classical craftsmanship.

Comes with a removable strap for backing.
The selection of thick plate gold is not easy to change.
Concealed buckles for easy opening and closing.
Zip pockets and pockets are included.

The gold and the bag body are made by saddle double stitching technique and hand-stitched.

Customized working days are for reference only. Please adjust the order according to the order. Please ask the delivery date before placing the order.
Super store to store has a limit of 1,000 yuan, more than 1,000 yuan of goods, as much as possible to choose mail.

The bottom length is about 25 cm / the width is 15 cm / the height is 16 cm (excluding the handle height)

Imported vegetable tanned leather
Pure copper hardware (plug and subtract)

●Introduction of vegetable tanned leather
Vegetable tanned leather is also called suede and tree skin. It is a leather made from plant tanning agents. It does not contain substances harmful to the human body. It can be made into leather goods that are in direct contact with the human body. It is a green leather.

●Color change of vegetable tanned leather
The primary color vegetable tanned leather, as the use time increases, the leather color will be deeper, more lustrous and soft.
Colored vegetable tanned leather is dyed in the most natural way using pigments that are free of pollution. Even if there is no obvious change in the color of the primary color, the long-term use will still produce a beautiful luster.
The same goods, in the use of different habits, and developed a unique flavor of their own, this is the unique charm of vegetable tanned leather.

●Why there are all kinds of traces on the leather surface
The most common are plaque, growth lines, branding and scars (holes). Scars (holes) usually avoid use. The branding will be designed according to the size and shape of the special product.
Natural cowhide has wrinkles and growth lines due to different parts. During the growth of cattle, it will inevitably collide with other cattle or insect bites. Scars and plaques are natural conditions.
These are all inevitable for vegetable tanned leather products, and one of their natural characteristics. I hope that you can understand the characteristics of the product before you buy the product, and appreciate the vegetable tanned leather, untouched scars and glamorous charm.

●Use and maintenance methods
Vegetable tanned leather should try to avoid spraying alcohol, liquid, lotion or skin care products such as perfume and dry hand lotion.
If you accidentally get rain, wipe it off with a cotton cloth and dry it. <Do not expose directly to the sun>
Please use a cotton cloth to clean it, put it in the dust cover, and place it in a ventilated and dry place.
It is often used with the belt and is the best way to maintain it.

■ Origin / Taiwan
■Manufacturing method / individual independent operation (non-factory mass production)


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